Fidelidade Company Profile And Coverage

Founded In: 1808

Parent Organization: Fosun International

CEO: Rogério Campos Henriques

Headquarter: Rua 1393, Nº 47, Bairro Polana, Maputo, Moçambique.
Phone No.: (351) 218458515
Email: [email protected]

Official Website:

Establishment Fund: 719.500. 000,00 MZN
Net Income Growth: 38%
No. Of Employees: 2432



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Fidelidade is one of the most established insurance agencies in Europe. This Company emerges from the consolidation between two insurance agencies, Fidelidade-Mundial and Império-Bonança whose roots go back to the year 1808.

During the previous 200 years of Fidelidade’s turn of events, it has stood apart for its enterprising soul. The help is given to the advancement of society and economy of Portugal.

Company History Of Fidelidade:

All through its direction, this company has been serving its customers with the highest caliber of protection administration. And, assuming a remarkable part in zones of social duty in particular in the assurance of lives, property.

And, in the security of individuals’ prosperity, defending the soundness of society, safeguarding key framework improvement projects. Boosting the economy, and giving its clients a creative offer.


In the Macao SAR, Fidelidade is properly approved to perform protection exercises through two branches forever and non-life coverage organizations since 1999. This company has been overhauling Macao with a differentiated scope of answers for the assurance of individual clients and organizations.

May 2014:

May 2014 stands apart for the adjustment in the investor control of Fidelidade relating to the securing of an 80% offer capital. And, casting ballot rights by the Fosun Group for a total thought of Euro 1.36 billion. It is one of the biggest private-possessed aggregates in China.

Its business covers various zones including land, medical services, the travel industry, medication, protection, money, correspondences, and promotion. During the year 2014, the offer situation of Fosun Group was additionally expanded to practically 85%.

And by, the securing of extra offers, satisfying its speculation plan in this company. The leftover portion of 15% has a place with the essential colleague of this company, Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

Oct 2015:

In Oct 2015, another auxiliary is officially consolidated in Macao. The Fidelidade Macau Insurance Company Limited, with an offer capital of MOP160,000,000.00. Demonstrating the solid responsibility of this company in building up the protection business in Macao.

In this specific circumstance, Fidelidade Macau replaces the branch Fidelidade Insurance Company Limited in executing non-life business in Macao. The Fidelidade Insurance Company Limited keeps on zeroing in on the advancement of the life coverage business in Macao.

March 2020:

In March 2020, following 20 years of giving disaster protection and annuity reserve administrations in Macau. As a part of Fidelidade Companhia de Seguros S.A., a neighborhood Life Insurance Company was joined.

Upon the endorsement of the Macau Government Authorities, to be named Fidelidade Macau Life Insurance Company Limited. Guaranteeing a more pertinent and more grounded corporate presence in the area.

Core Value Of Fidelidade:

The current protection market, just as the monetary market, all in all, is profoundly serious and intensely regulated.  The moral and expert lead of all representatives of the Fidelidade Macau Insurance Company Limited and Fidelidade Macau Life Insurance Company Limited is a definitive, separating factor behind our prosperity.

The moral and expert lead standards in this mirror the vision and estimations of Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life and the normal conduct from all workers.

Protection Of Assets:

Workers of this company will secure the organization’s substantial and theoretical assets and will likewise do their most extreme to stay away from or potentially debilitate any circumstance including the potential misuse of funds, materials, hardware, or property.


  • Workers of Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life will treat their clients decently and respectfully.
  • Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life will embrace a non-segregation strategy with respect to its representatives, giving them equivalent freedoms in
  • terms of knowledge advancement openings and professional prospects, and will not rebuff or bias any representatives who advise their
  • superiors of illegalities or encroachments of internal principles and codes.


Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life are not just agreeable and open to their clients’ or workers’ objections and proposals however have also executed systems to guarantee that answers are constantly given.

Privileged Data:

Except if explicitly approved by the governing body of this company, representatives of this company may not uncover any advantaged data concerning any gathering organization, when this may bring about any responsibility or harm their inclinations, regardless of whether potential.


Representatives of this company should keep any data that goes as far as anyone is concerned solely based on the execution of their obligations secret and may not unveil any data on the organization’s issues or its relationship with clients.

Conflicts Of Interest:

Workers of this company should advise their bosses regarding any circumstances obligated to cause a struggle between their individual interests and those of the organization.

Moreover, they ought not to be associated with any evaluation and choice identifying with activities or cycles in which they, their life partners, family members having a guarantee proclivity of up to the main degree or organizations or other aggregate bodies straightforwardly or indirectly controlled by them are included.

Dignity And Citizenship:

Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life, in its exercises, proves its regard for residents’ respect and basic freedoms. It doesn’t have any transactions with elements that neglect to regard basic liberties and with unfair or socially indefensible working practices. Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life regard the socio-social attributes of the networks in Macau (China).

Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life and every one of their workers will not be engaged with any exercises straightforwardly or in a roundabout way identified with debasement, tax evasion, drug dealing, financing of psychological warfare, or crimes.

Personal Reliability:

Representatives of this company should forgo any exercises which may influence their financial soundness, e.g. getting advances from different representatives or clients; acquiring costly or improperly huge credits from outsiders; composing terrible checks; and betting, except for any rounds of a cultural sort coordinated by any approved bodies.

Public Explanations:

Representatives of this company may just unveil articulations concerning the organization, whenever approved to do as such in advance by the general administration.


Representatives of this company:

  • Will receive a determined and expert way to deal with their associations with clients, completely regarding their inclinations and goals.
  • They ought to accordingly mean to accomplish great market terms, in due regard for clients’ guidelines.
  • Will try not to acknowledge any endowments or offers from outsiders that may bias and bargain their unbiased and persevering position.
  • Will take care to utilize all organization property judiciously and viably.

Steadfastness Of Fidelidade:

Workers of Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life will utilize their inward status, as well as the assets available to them, in the interest of the organization and never for individual addition.


Fidelidade Macau and Fidelidade Life, through its workers, will respect its responsibilities and agreements with outsiders and follow all undertakings.

Transparency Of Fidelidade:

Workers of this company:

  • It is straightforward and direct in their own and expert issues.
  • Shall keep records, exchanges, and all data media entirely coordinated.
  • Keep away from any circumstances of exclusions or likely mistaken assumptions in all dealings with clients (direct deals, advertising, intervention channels).
  • Shall give its clients exact data on the substance, use, and upkeep of its different items.
  • Shall know about the pertinence, precision, association, and chance of all data given to the market and administrators.

Vision Of Fidelidade:

To be the most favored insurance agency, confided in cooperate with middle people, supplier of value. Also, creative items and administrations as per the most noteworthy standards of moral principles, capability, and honesty.

Mission Of Fidelidade:

To ensure our own and corporate clients assisting them with accomplishing and improve their monetary thriving.

Goals Of Fidelidade:

  • Give items and administrations that surpass or address the issues and yearnings of our customers.
  • Set the business standard for arrangements conveyance and worth creation.
  • Be esteemed by our clients, investors, and workers.

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