New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment

new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment

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Most of us have occasionally dreamed of starting our own business. Some of us might also have thought that entrepreneurship would be suitable for them. Today, we have come with some new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment to convert your ideas and plans into a viable business.

The manufacturing business has constantly been a profitable field for individuals around the world. Initially, it requires rational investment, however, once the business is established it makes substantial steady profits.

There are numerous new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment across the globe where you can start your own business. So, today we are going to provide some new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment, through which you can get high returns.

The list comprises a handful number of manufacturing business notions with low to medium capitalization in India. Review each new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment given here & pick one idea among them, which will be suitable for you.


Selecting suitable and new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment is the key to the success of your business.

What is Manufacturing Business

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What is Manufacturing Business?

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An industry that utilizes raw material & components to make fine products with the assistance of equipment is called a manufacturing business. The raw product used in the manufacturing business can be retailed openly to the customer or can be retailed to other traders as a raw material.

The manufacturing component is a machine set-up, which needs considerable capitalization at the beginning stage however once it becomes customary in a good manner; the business makes decent profits.


Some manufacturing business units require high investment while some manufacturing business can be initiated with low to medium investments too.

New Manufacturing Business Ideas with Medium Investment

Here are some of the new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment for getting maximum profit from it. Let’s now check out the new manufacturing business ideas with a medium investment below:

Fitness Tools Manufacturing Business

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Fitness Tools Manufacturing Business:

Changing lifestyle, increasing diseases, rising health-care expenditures, growing elderly population, and obese population is motivating the flea market for the fitness equipment and tools in India.

Fitness equipment supports the customer for controlling weight, enhancing physical strengths, maintaining physical fitness, and also for strengthening the muscles of their body. The most important fitness equipment or fitness products contain:

  • Stair climbers
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing machines
  • Stationary bikes
  • Oval cross-trainers
  • Weight-lifting machines
  • Customary weight-lifting equipment including free benches and weights


The fitness equipment manufacturer business is thus one of the best and innovative ideas to initiate with considerable or moderate investment.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Light Manufacturing Business

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LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Light Manufacturing Business:

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights have an electrical efficiency and lifespan which are numerous times lengthier than radiant lights, and meaningfully more competent than most of the fluorescent lights, which with chips are able to produce more than around 100 lumens/watt. The most used LED lights contain:

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Candle Bulb
  • LED Deco Bulb
  • LED Tube Light
  • LED Down Light
  • LED Spot Lights
  • LED Panel Light
  • LED Flood Light
  • LED Hi-Bay Light
  • LED Street Light (Solar)
  • LED Solar Lantern and
  • LED Garden Light


The experts of the industry assume evolution in the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light marketplace over the following decade.

Leather Invention Manufacturing Business

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Leather Invention Manufacturing Business:

The industry of leather holds a place of fame in the Indian economy. Because of leather’s massive probability for growth, exports, and employment it became so popular manufacturing business over the years. The most profitable leather products that you can manufacture for your business are:

  • Artistic Goods from Leather
  • Children Shoe
  • Leather Bag, Purse, Travel Bag, Suitcase
  • Ladies Footwear
  • Men’s Footwear
  • Leather Belt
  • Leather Garments
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Wrist-Watch Straps


There is a growing emphasis on leather’s planned progress, expected at optimal use of obtainable raw resources for exploiting the profits, predominantly from exports.

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Multi-Colored Paper Bag Manufacturing Business

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Multi-Colored Paper Bag Manufacturing Business:

A multi-colored paper bag is a container that is made of various colored papers. A multi-colored paper bag can be made of numerous layers of raw colored paper or one layer of colored paper and other materials.

Multi-colored paper carry bags are a vital item for carrying, packaging goods. Multi-colored paper carry bags are proposed to show the glory of a product inside the bag. So, the design of your bag has to be noticeable. Different types of multi-colored paper bags that you can make for your new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment are:

  • Vegetable Shops Paper Bag
  • Textile Shops Paper Bag
  • Bakeries Paper Bag
  • Jewelry Stores Paper Bag
  • Fancy Shops Paper Bag
  • Shoe Shops Paper Bag
  • Grocery Shops Paper Bag
  • Book Shops Paper Bag
  • Snacks Stores Paper Bag
  • Gift Store Paper Bag
  • Stationery Shops Paper Bag
  • Sweet Shops Paper Bag
  • Meat or Fish Shops Paper Bag
  • Hardware Shops Paper Bag etc.


Moreover, you can start this innovative and new manufacturing business with medium investment and can get a higher profit from this.

Aluminium Manufacturing Fabrication Business

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Aluminium Manufacturing Fabrication Business

India is the 5th leading maker of Aluminium on earth with bauxite reserve of around 3 billion tons. Aluminium is widely held in construction and Building. Aluminium has a lightweight, corrosion resistance, attractive appearance, strength, toughness, ease of manufacture, and easy to maintain; thus these features make Aluminium a widely held material for utilizing in modern buildings.

  • The equipment required for the Aluminium manufacturing business is as follows:
  • Drilling Machine with 12mm cap and 0.5 HP motor
  • A cut-off machine with Starter, 2 HP motor, etc.
  • Workbenches, hand tools etc.
  • Movable Electric Drill Machine
  • Double ended Grinder (Bench) with 200mm diameter and 0.75 HP Motor
  • Buffing Machines that come with at least 2 HP motors
  • Anodizing Plant with 30 Volts, Rectifier 500 Amps., and tanks of about 4ft. length


There is a decent scope for the Aluminium manufacturing business to meet the rising requirement of building for theaters, shopping complexes, and offices etc.


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Q. What Manufacturing Business Should I Start?

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