What Is The Characteristics Of Computer?

characteristics of computer


The overall development of computer technology has dramatically increased the basic feature of the computer, before the computer was used only for calculation or for some special work, but nowadays computers have reached every part of human life and No one can imagine life without using their life, and the computer has made a very big impact on our lives. So, let’s know about the characteristics of computer. See this below…

What Is A Computer?

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The computer is an electronic device that provides information on the inputted data by the user as a result, i.e. Computer is an Electronic Machine that follows the instructions given by the user. See the characteristics of computer here…

Characteristics Of Computer


Characteristics Of Computer:

Computers have become part of our lives. We use computers at our school, at home, in the office, on a daily basis. Why are we so dependent on the computer? Because they have made our lives easier, they provide us entertainment, they can store our valuable data, as long as we want to keep it. Some of the main characteristics of computer are the following…


Speed ​​computer is one of the main features. The computer can do billions of calculations in a second. The speed of the computer is measured in MegaHertz (MHz) or Gega Hertz (GHz). For example, if a person performs 639 x 913 calculations, it can take a few minutes to do this, but the computer can do such a large number of calculations in seconds.

The speed of the computer is defined as the time taken by the computer to perform one task. Calculations take only a few seconds, which take hours for us to solve. It works in the fraction of seconds. Most computer micro and nano work in seconds. Its speed is measured in the period of MHz (MegaHertz) and GMZ (Giga Hertz).


Computers can perform very fast operations and process data fast, but with no precise results and more precise results. The results may be incorrect if the wrong data is fired to the computer or maybe the cause of a bug error.

Computers are a compact machine that can work in a large number without error, but if we feed incorrect data on the computer then it gives the wrong result, which is called GIGO (Garbage In-Trash Out).

Accuracy is very high in computer and each calculation is done with the same accuracy. Accuracy level is determined based on computer design. Errors in computers are due to man’s fault and wrong data.


The computer can work long hours without any exhaustion or boredom with the same speed and accuracy. A computer is a machine, it does not refuse to work and works for hours and hours with the same stability. But on the other hand, man can easily get tired from the same work, repeatedly losing his concentration, speed, and accuracy, because man is suffering from fatigue, dullness, unlike machines.

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This is one of the most essential features of computers, these days they can store or save data in almost any quantity due to high storage [Storage] capabilities. Once you store any information or data in computer memory, then that data will remain there until someone can delete it or copy it. You can get your data anywhere if your own data is correct If stored in the way then We forget the small information given to us by humans, but these machines keep our information safe forever, which is really awesome. These machines can store data according to the user’s wishes.


A computer is a versatile machine. They are used in different areas. They are used in schools and colleges, in hospitals, in government organizations, and for entertainment and work purposes in homes.

The computer’s ability to do more than one task at the same time is called the versatility of a computer. Versatility means that there is the ability to do different types of work altogether.


They are dependable machines, because of their reliability, many organizations, institutions, and companies are very dependent on them. They can store large amounts of data and you can use your data at any time and at any time without any restriction. There are errors in the computer, these are all human errors, if you give wrong information to the computer then you will get a wrong result.


A computer is an automatic machine that works without user intervention. It is necessary to give data to users and use the result, but the process is automatic. This is one of the characteristics of computer.


During processing, large amounts of data can be processed. There are logical input and out operation. Different types of operations, such as comparison operation, text manipulation operation, etc. are done.

Low Cost & Reduced Size:

With the advancement in the development of computer hardware and software technology, the cost of computers has reduced considerably and most people have reached. It has been welcomed by hospitals, institutes, government sectors, companies, and users, because of low cost and low size due to open hands, they have reached every person on almost Earth. Just think of the price of a computer in 1960. We can not even imagine if the price was the same today? But our computer scientist made the hardware cheap so high quality that it could easily be purchased.


A computer is a dumb machine that can not work without user instructions. Instruction is done with tremendous speed and accuracies. The computer can not make its own decision and it does not have feelings or emotions, taste, knowledge, and experience, etc.


The computer has the ability to communicate, but surely it requires some kind of connection. (Either wired or wireless connection). Two computers can be connected to send and receive data. Special software is used for text and video chat. Friends and family can connect to the internet and share files online, photos and video files.


Multitasking is also a computer feature. Computers can do many tasks at one time. For example, you can listen to songs, download movies, and create Word documents at the same time. This is one of the characteristics of computer.

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