Know What Is IoT Platform (Internet of Things) & How It Work

what is IoT platform

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The next biggest revolution in the Internet world is the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Now you must be thinking what is IoT platform and how IoT works? However, do not worry because we are here to provide the intro to IOT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) means your personal computer and smartphone, but not TV, fridge and AC everything connected to the Internet.

An example of how the Internet of Things is changing your life is that if all the things in your room are connected to the Internet, then you do not need a separate remote control for your speaker, lights, AC. Your smartphone can control it all.

What Is IoT Platform i.e. Internets of Things Platform

What Is IoT Platform i.e. Internets of Things Platform?

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Internet of Things platform is well-known as the IoT platform. This is a process or phenomenon, where you can connect devices like your laptop, computer, mobile etc. with the internet to make communication between the devices. These devices can either be smart device or any normal device.

So basically, all the gadgets and electronic devices in your use in this IoT platform are connected to each other. This technology is extremely useful and effective in our daily life. Everyone knows how technology has made our everyday lives easier. This technology also does the same.

It can be explained in simple language through an example. Under the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, one of your devices gives a command to other devices in your home, kitchen, etc. In this way, a device can be linked to the Internet and anything else can be done according to the rest of the devices. To know how IoT works see this example:

For example – In your refrigerator, there is a default sensor which is capable of powering off the refrigerator when there is no need to keep the refrigerator on.


The technology industry is expanding and it is being converted into smart technology. It started with IOT and security.

What Is The Status Of IoT In India

What Is The Status Of IoT In India?

We have already gone through the intro to IoT. Now let’s check out the status of the Internet of Thing (IoT) in India. The Central Government released the draft policy on the Internet of Things (IoT) in October 2014. With the modification of the Digital India Smart City Initiative, it was released in April 2015 with some modifications.

Under this policy, it is envisaged to make an Internet of Things Industry of $ 15 billion by 2020. Apart from this, the government’s preparation is to develop IOT centers. With the aim of converting Andhra Pradesh into a major IT Hub by 2020, the Government of Andhra Pradesh approved India’s first Internet of Things Policy 2016.

Even in the Private Sector, Reliance Communication Ltd. in August 2015, entered into an agreement with USA-based Jasper Technologies and tried to enter Internet of Things Services in India.

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How IoT Works i.e. the Internet of Things Works

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How IoT Works i.e. the Internet of Things Works?

Objects and devices made from sensors are attached to the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, which incorporates data from some different devices & implements some analytics to share some most valuable statistics with the applications intended to meet the specific requirements.

Along with knowing what is IoT platform you will also know that these powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platforms can precisely detect which data is useful & which can safely be ignored. This data can be utilized to detect some patterns, explore future probable problems, and make recommendations.

So this intro to IoT shows that this helps in with the visions provided by the advanced analysis, and it has the power to make developments more efficient.


Smart objects and systems mean that you can automate some tasks, especially when they are repetitive, time-consuming or dangerous.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how it works in real life.

Which Devices Are Available Under Internet Of Things (IOT) Platform

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Which Devices Are Available Under Internet Of Things (IOT) Platform?

Knowing what is IoT platform is not enough. You should also know which devices are available under the Internet of Things platform along with what is IoT platform.

Here are some examples of a few applications and devices to explain how IoT works:

Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform:

Smart Home

Smart Home is IOT’s most popular application. From Amazon Eco to Nest Thermostat, there are thousands of products that users can control with their voice. For example Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo Voice Assistant works through Alexa. Users can talk to get different tasks done under the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Users can do a lot of things like Alexa playing music, giving weather information, telling sports scores, booking a taxi, and so many more.


Watch is no longer limited to telling time. There are many such smart-watches available in the market including Apple Watch, which can now make text messages, phone calls and more.


Fitbit tracks how much you have gone, how many calories you have burned, or how much you sleep. At the same time, this device syncs with your smartphone or computer and transforms your fitness data into charts so that you can easily track your fitness progress.


With this, devices such as Fitbit and Jobon have changed the fitness world.

Connected Car:

These vehicles have internet access and this access can also be shared with others.


Astrum AL 150 Lock Security: In these Bluetooth-based locks you do not need a key or any combo lock. This lock supports Android and iOS devices. You can easily connect it with other gadgets present in the house.

Smart Cities:

Troubles in everyday life can be solved very easily with the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This can be easily dealt with from crime, pollution, traffic problems etc.


This comes first in Spanish City Smart Cities. Here many IoT plans have been implemented. This has helped to keep smart parking and the environment clean.


With the help of the Internet of Things, you can do many things by connecting the security, gardening, music, automobile, kitchen, all devices together.

Advantages Of IoT Platform

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Advantages Of IoT Platform:

Along with knowing what is IoT Platform, let us know its advantages too.

Promote Business

As we know, the Internet home has now made its place in the house. That’s why if you want you can take your business a lot forward with the help of the internet. All major companies in the world are taking the help of the Internet to carry their business further.

With the help of online advertising, affiliate marketing, and website, all the world’s companies are trying to spread their business across the globe through the Internet.

Online Bill Payments:

With the help of the Internet, we can easily pay all our bills sitting at home. On the Internet, we can pay all the bills for electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping in just minutes with the help of credit card or net banking.


In this modern era, the Internet home has become a means of entertainment in the home. In our free time, we can listen to music, watch movies and television with the help of the internet. Also, we can chat online with friends via social media or social networking website.

Send & Receive Information

Even if you are sitting in any corner of the world, you can send and receive many kinds of information in a few seconds. Today, partners can send many types of voice calls, voice messages, email, video calls, and other files via the internet.

Online Shopping

Now people do not even need to go to the store because now you can shop online with the help of the internet. Due to the internet, you can now buy cheap things sitting at your home. With the help of the online shopping website, not only you can buy things, but you can also send a gift to your family and relatives.


Slowly freelancers are increasing on the internet, who are making very good money through freelancing. Freelancer means making some money using your skills on the internet. Today, people on the internet are making money by making websites, online survey, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos on YouTube, and sitting in many other ways.

Online Office

There is such a big company that gives its employees the opportunity to work through the Internet sitting at home. There are many online marketing and communication companies, whose employees do marketing at their own home through laptops and mobile phones through the Internet.

Disadvantages of the IoT Platform

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Disadvantages of the IoT Platform:

Know the disadvantages of the Internet of Things platform along with knowing what is IoT Platform.

Waste Of Time

The Internet is very beneficial for people who use the Internet to get more information for their office work, but for those who make it a habit without any meaning, it is nothing but a waste of time. We should use the internet according to time.

Internet is Costly

We should take the Internet connection only when we need it because almost all internet providers take heavy charge of the internet. If you do not need the internet, you can get a pre-paid Internet service, which allows you to recharge the internet whenever you want and use the internet.

Spam Emails and Advertisements

By stealing personal information from the internet and email id, many cheating companies send fake emails. We send a reply to the fake email; unknowingly we fall into their trap.


Do not buy anything from links to emails, always go shopping directly to a large shopping website and buy the same.

We have given full information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet of Things in very easy words in this post. Apply the Internet to your needs and work properly. Do not make it a wrong habit and reason to spoil your life.

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