What Is Cloud computing? What Are The Cloud Computing Types?

There is no double opinion that in the coming time cloud computing is the future of information and computer technology. The world will depend on cloud computing for almost all works. In today’s era, every technology is in some way connected to cloud computing. So, let’ now know what this cloud computing is, how it works and what the cloud computing types are.

A report in the Digital Journal said that in the global market, the cloud computing market is expected to grow to $ 12.38 billion in the education sector by 2019. It is also being widely used in India.

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Understanding this in simple language, Cloud Computing means to keep any kind of data on any server on the Internet or to use any kind of data as a service.

A tremendous example of this is Facebook. You can use Facebook for a great deal of time. Facebook is a very big example of Cloud Computing, how much data is uploaded every day on Facebook, how many people use it every day, Cloud Computing is used only to do this.

Cloud Computing is a technology that can be used to provide any kind of service through the Internet, whatever the service is, whether it be a software or a small storage space in the server or any other Type of service. Measurement of Cloud Computing means that any kind of computing service provides it on the Internet at the user’s demand.

So far, we run the software only by installing it on our local device but now in the future, we will not need to install it on our computer. We will be able to use them only on Cloud Server.

Clouds are filled with digital data and are powered by extremely powerful and robust computers, which are called servers.

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Most of the cloud computing types of services usually come in 3 broad categories:

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),

They are sometimes called cloud computing stacks because they make up for each other. Make the mission of meeting your commercial goals easier by knowing what these are and how these are different from one another.


Software as a service (SaaS) is a way to deliver software applications on apps, on the Internet, usually on a payment basis. With cloud providers manage and host software applications and built-in structure, and to handle any maintenance such as software security and upgrades patches. People are usually using it on PC, mobile phone or tablet with a web browser.


The Platform as a service (PaaS) is referred to the cloud computing services that provide an on-demand setting for managing, distributing, testing and developing software applications. Platform as a service (PaaS) is intended to make it easy for developers to create mobile or web applications properly, without distressing about managing or installing the fundamental infrastructure of the database, network, storage, and development required for the database.


Infrastructure as a Service is the primary type of cloud computing services. In the case of IaaS, you can rent cloud storage on a Pay basis from IT Infrastructure Server and Storage, Virtual Machine (VM), Networks, Operating System Cloud Provider.

You can use cloud computing and do lots of things, even if you do not realize it.

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If you use the online service to send emails, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games and store other files, we can say that all this is possible due to cloud computing.

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Now let’s talk about how much Cloud Computing Types are there currently. There are four Cloud Computing types available


Example of Private Cloud is Google Drive, where your email ID and password protect all your documents, you can’t use any other than yours, it is considered to be somewhat safer.


Public cloud is available for every ordinary person, for example, if an eBook is made available for download on a site and you can download it with a single click without creating an account.

The public cloud is considered slightly less secure.


Community cloud computing is available only for members of a group, except that no external person can use this data. For instance, employees of a company can use that company’s available data on the site or use the website and the content available on it by any school or Student or organization can use it.


Both Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud are used in the hybrid cloud; some content on such a site is available to the public and some content is available only for registered users such cloud called the Hybrid Cloud Computing.

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