4 Eye-Catching Updates Done By Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox Quantum :- In today’s world of tech-savvy generation, internet plays a major role. From early morning to late at night, people constantly use the internet for doing their daily work.

To use the internet, a person has to take the help of a web browser. A web browser is a software application used for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Edge (which was preceded by Internet Explorer), Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and was released in the market on September 23, 2002.

Upon its release, it took the market from Internet Explorer as the latter was too slow and took time to load a particular website.

But when Google introduces a new freeware web, named Google Chrome, in September 2, 2008, Firefox faced some serious problems.

Since the past nine years, with its speed and simplicity, Google Chrome has mostly convinced many users to switch from whatever browser they are using. But with the recent update, Firefox is hoping to regain some of its lost markets.

After 13 years, Mozilla has come up with an updated version of its browser. It is named Mozilla Firefox Quantum or Firefox 57.

Though the beta version is out in the market, users have experienced that at the top level, Mozilla Firefox Quantum promises twice the speed than Chrome and moreover it takes less memory than Chrome. Here are some of the features of Mozilla Firefox Quantum.

  • It is faster

Mozilla Firefox Quantum is way too fast than its predecessor. Even if there are more than a number of tabs opened and online interactive apps like maps and email clients are opened, it takes just a snap to load pages.

From the moment a person types a URL in the address bar, he can notice the significant increase in the speed from the loading of the page to its responsiveness.

All this has been possible due to the change in the web rendering machine, which is also named Quantum. This machine has replaced the previous engine, named Gecko, which was used in the previous version of Firefox.

This is the first time Firefox has taken the advantage as the new machine Quantum splits the processing duties of multiple cores and it is optimized to work better on the newer hardware.

  • It has good looks

Apart from getting improvements in its performance, the Mozilla Firefox Quantum has also got an upgrade in its designs. The design is more clean and modern than all the previous versions of Firefox.

The modern look includes clear looks of the boxes and icons, while the rough edges have been shredded off. There is a distinct contrast between the active tab and the other tabs.

Along with the dark and light alternatives in the theme, there is an even distribution in the settings as it is well-spaced and laid out in a clear manner.

The pages containing the Extensions and Themes have the same layout. The Mozilla Firefox Quantum gives the extra added polish and simplicity which its predecessors lacked.

  • It is streamlined

Apart from the visual improvements, the Mozilla Firefox Quantum gives a new experience to the whole browsing scenario. For the first time the address bar and the search box can be combined into one.

At the top, a new library button has been added which can hold all the Bookmarks, History, Downloads, and all other important key components that are needed on a daily basis. This makes the interface a whole lot and allows easy access.

Moreover, if a person is using a Windows PC which has a touchscreen, the buttons and menus in the Mozilla Firefox Quantum get bigger and chunkier when it is touched.

  • It has some extra bonus features

Along with all the new features which the Mozilla Firefox Quantum has received due to the update, there are some features which are totally new to the world of web browsers.

Apart from all the new additions, the feature of taking screenshots is the coolest of them all. There is a tool in the right corner of the address bar of the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser which allows the user to take clippings of the webpage.

There are options to take a snap of the whole page or take the snap of the part that is visible. The clippings can later be seen by the user when needed.

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