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The Petron Group LLP is a global private Equity Firm that invests in private debt, invests in private equity, mid size companies renewable resources, private infrastructure, renewable projects, infrastructure mid size companies, and also renewable resources internationally.

The business handles a broad variety of deal plans for Institutional shareholders such as endowments, family offices, funds of resources, mega high net value investors, and also large corporations who want straight publicity to private marketplaces property. Group LLP’s headquarter is in Harrisburg, PA.

It has been among the leading suppliers of institutional resources to the worldwide energy business. The company’s deep sector skill and internal technological means allow the firm to trick creative explanations for their partners in intricate scenarios.

A Brief Description Of The Petron Group LLP:

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Being a peak private Equity firm the group LLP Petron gives plentiful of approaches to expand your business. LLP Petron group Investment company gives different resource classes and items that are distinguished by speculation procedures, ventures, and geographies. They venture to express the most perfect returns for their institutional Investors.

The firm is a worldwide private value firm that puts resources into private value, obligation, framework, and sustainable property areas internationally. Petron Group LLP deals with an expansive scope of venture programs for institutional financial backers like workplaces, gifts, annuities, assets of assets, ultra-high total property financial backers, and enormous organizations who need direct openness to private business sectors resources.

Petron Group Asset Division is settled in Harrisburg, Petron Group has been one of the main suppliers of institutional capital for the worldwide energy industry. The company’s profound area skill and inside specialized abilities permit Petron Group to design imaginative answers for any unpredictable circumstances.

History Of The Company:

Petron Group LLP Asset Division is headquartered in Harrisburg, Petron has been one of the leading providers of institutional capital for the global energy industry. The firm’s deep expertise and internal technical capabilities allow Petron Group to engineer creative solutions for any complex situation.

The firm was founded by Isaac Udotong, their Managing Partner, who made Millions during the African IT Boom when he founded Isatong Inc. in 1980. Isatong later acquired Petron group LLP Energy LLC from PEPCO Holdings Inc NYSE: (POM) in 2010.

In 2015 Petron Group opened the doors in the Harrisburg Office with a team of six professionals, and an investment from the Udotong Family. As of February 2017, they are an Equity firm (Private ) of more than 2.2 Billion AUM, 15 top Executives, 5 offices worldwide, and providing jobs at an all-time high.

Petron’s investment experience spans various sectors within the renewable energy Sub-Sector including, solar, wind, hydro, biofuels, oil, and gas and energy storage. Learn more at or visit us on Twitter

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(888) 472-8664


4113, Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17112, United States


Investment Management

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11-50 employees




$16 Million


Valuation, Investment, Raising capital, Due Diligence, and Deal Sourcing & Negotiation

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