Topdanmark Insurance Company Company Profile


Company Sector: Financials

Company Industry: Insurance

Sub Industry: Insurance

Founded In: 16.10.1999

CEO: Peter Hermann

Address: Borupvang 4 Ballerup, 2750 Denmark

Phone: 45-44-68-33-11

Official Website:

No. Of Employees: 2300
Annual Revenue 2019: $2.96 billion USD

Introduction of Topdanmark:

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Topdanmark Forsikring A/S is arranged in Ballerup, Hovedstaden, Denmark, and is significant for the Insurance Carriers Industry. This Company is the second biggest non-disaster protection organization and a significant extra security organization in Denmark.

Topdanmark Forsikring A/S has 1,000 specialists at this region and makes $2.96 billion in arrangements (USD). There are 41 associations in the Topdanmark Forsikring A/S corporate family.

Mission And Vission Of Topdanmark:

Topdanmark means to proceed with the pattern of being a main and worth making insurance agency in the Danish market. Consequently, This Company focuses on consistently consolidating new innovation, digitization, and mechanization with skillful experience inside protection and danger evaluation.

Non-life insurance Of Topdanmark:

In non-life insurance, Topdanmark has a 16 percent piece of the pie. This Company centers around the private, farming and SME market where the organization has around 620,000 clients and handles around 300,000 cases every year. The business comprises of two business regions:

The Private business zone addresses 54 percent of premiums earned. This Company offers a full scope of protection items to private family units. The primary items are engine, home and content insurance just as ailment and mishap protection. Topdanmark’s more particular protection portfolio incorporates travel, creature and hardware protection and change of proprietorship protection.

The SME business region addresses 46 percent of Topdanmark’s non-life business. Around here region This Company serves around 110,000 Danish little and medium-sized endeavors and agrarian clients.

Life Insurance Of Topdanmark:

In life insurance, This Company has an 11 percent piece of the overall industry in Denmark. This Company serves around 140,000 Danish little and medium-sized organizations and private clients. The larger part is group pension customers giving necessary annuity plans to the representatives. Around 90% of new business is unit-connected protection plans.

Share Of Topdanmark:

In non-life insurance, Topdanmark holds a 16 percent piece of the pie. It centers around the private, rural and SME markets, for example market fragments with high recurrence however low normal cases. This Company has roughly 620,000 non-life insurance customers and the organization offers a full scope of protection administrations.

In life insurance, Topdanmark has a 10 percent piece of the pie. It serves roughly 140,000 Danish corporate and private clients. Most of clients are organization benefits clients that give mandatory annuity plans to their workers.

Topdanmark means to proceed with the pattern of being a main and worth making insurance agency in the Danish market. Subsequently, This Company focuses on ceaselessly consolidating new innovation, digitization and computerization with capable experience inside protection and danger evaluation.

Customer Relations:

Going ahead, This Company is expecting to constantly improve client faithfulness by offering zeroed in types of assistance on schedule and in a proactive way when client necessities can be anticipated. This will be accomplished by the utilization of involvement and information. Client devotion is a significant driver for product development as existing clients will in general be more beneficial than new ones.

Market Access Of Topdanmark:

This Company seeks a multi-channel conveyance system utilizing distinctive dispersion channels that target diverse client gatherings. This incorporates acknowledging deals through:

  • Dispersion accomplices
  • Computerized deals
  • Individual deals

From 1 January 2020, Topdanmark and Nordea have begun a non-life arrangement for appropriation on the Danish market.

Risk Management Of Topdanmark:

A critical component in Topdanmark’s system is hazard-based estimating. This Company evaluating strategy depends on the particular danger of every single client. As a result, Topdanmark is cost serious for generally safe clients. The restrained estimating approach has upheld the steady advancement in underwriting profitability.

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