Some Digital Marketing Trends That Is Transforming Your Business

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends :- The world of business is a fast-changing world. To remain in the path of success, one has to definitely evolve through the ranks and start adapting themselves according to the situation.

The phrase “digital marketing trends that are transforming your business” was coined by Thirsty Bear in an article entitled, “Why Digital Marketing Is Taking Over For Physical Marketing and Will Transform Your Business Forever.” What do these digital marketing trends mean for your business? They mean digital marketing trends like using video to communicate with your target audience and tap into their passions. Because video is a new medium for communicating it presents more opportunities than ever before to be successful in this area. This is the power of digital marketing and its advantages.

People love viral videos! They are very entertaining and they have a way of being shared with your audience in order to help you generate more business. This means that in order to find success with your online marketing efforts you need to take advantage of this capability of video. You need to look at your product and services and figure out what people are talking about online. Find out where they share it on social media platforms and how frequently they watch it. Then learn from them and create your own video that will make the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and many other similar sites.

You can use this video marketing technique to capture a huge chunk of the targeted market that uses online video sharing platforms. Once you have a website up and running and viewers visiting it regularly, you can then use it to entice them to share the video with their friends so that you can all make some money. This is the perfect illustration of how digital marketing can benefit your business. You may want to include some written content with it as well. If you’re creative and attentive to market trends then you will find it easy to find ways to make this process work for you.

One useful method to transform your business is to seek the help of digital marketing trends. They help in the amplification and acceleration of the market and in turn lead to the growth of our business.

The invention of mobile phones and their inbuilt cameras has made the social network platform more viral and powerful.

Along with that with the help of faster and cheaper Wi-Fi and telecommunication services, digital marketing trends has moved from desktops to mobile phones and everywhere.

Here are some of the ways how digital marketing trends are transforming the business.

  • The growth in the concentration of revenue and power

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Nowadays the platform of social media has become an important place for digital marketing. Among all other websites, Google and Facebook have jointly shared 90% of the growth in the digital marketing trends.

The total budget of $83 billion in digital advertising will be totally dominated by these two big players in this year with Google estimated to achieve 40.7% of US digital ad revenues.

The rest of the companies like Twitter, Yahoo and others will be fighting for the remaining 10% of the digital marketing network.

Along with this dominance of revenue, Google and Facebook also aim to buy start-ups and technology companies that fit into their growth strategies and aim at increasing their growth.

The recent example we have seen is that of Facebook buying the organizations like Instagram, WhatsApp and virtual reality company OculusRift.

  • Automation of marketing has become essential

There has been an increase in the number of social networks, complex digital advertising options and more types of content. Despite the increase in the concentration of power there are a lot of social networks and new ones are popping every day.

The types of content and media have increased. The simple analog formats of print, radio and television are way gone. Presently we have interactive infographics, GIF’s and augmented reality among many others.

The number of digital technology tools for marketing have become over 4000. To manage this complexity automation of marketing is essential.

There are platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, etc. who have ‘all in one tools’ aimed at scaling your digital marketing.

Tools like Social Quant (used in Twitter) and SociallyRich (used in Instagram) are made to grow the social network followers automatically.

BrandBastion provides with the technology for automating the moderation of comments for big digital publishers like TechCrunch.

Artificial intelligence is gradually taking the place of the mechanised workforce as it enhances and repetitively scales the boring human tasks.

Due to the increase in the data volume, artificial intelligence and machines with big powerful processors are needed. The marketing through artificial intelligence can be divided into three parts−

  1. Collect: Due to the huge volume of content, computers are needed to collect the work.
  2. Reason: The artificial intelligence figures out the data and scales it.
  3. Act: It then creates messages and content which influences the decision of buying.

Through the help of artificial intelligence, digital marketing trends have become easier. Facebook uses this technology for tagging friends using facial recognition.

LinkedIn uses this for a better match between business and candidates. While Pinterest uses artificial intelligence to boost image recognition and speech.

  • Introduction of live video

The hottest digital marketing trend is the feature of streaming of live video. The first social networking site to offer live video was Google+ with Google Hangouts being a greater part of the platform.

Then live video streaming apps like Meerkat, Periscope and Blab came into the market. But the game truly changed when Facebook ‘Live’ was introduced in 2015.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, people watch live streams 300% longer and they comment on them 10 times more than they do in case of regular videos.

The concept of more engagement leads to better marketing. ‘Live’ video is great for sharing instant ideas and thoughts and it engages a huge amount of audience.

  • Tips for better digital marketing trends

  1. Hire professionals who would study and adapt to changing scenario.
  2. Use tools that use artificial intelligence.
  3. Master the technique of efficiently paying for digital advertisement.
  4. Use automation to scale and manage the complexity and volume of the content.
  5. Continue self-learning and continue experimentation before implementation.

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