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The Mt Carmel Pharmacy provides appropriate bedside refills and also delivery facilities for prescription medicines for Mt Carmel Pharmacy patients. But that is not all. They as well fill medicines for anybody who works or lives in the communal.

So, in case you require a convenient, informed, friendly place to speedily fill, transfer or refill your medicines, and also a chemist that provides several payment choices and also will partner with your specialist to confirm your best health result. So, let’s now know in detail about the pharmacy.


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Started in the year 1964, the Mt Carmel Pharmacy struggles to advance the wellness and also the health of the groups through fetching knowledge that offers the clients best-in-class services, products, and also information to meet their exceptional requirements.

Keeping client service as well as patient care at the center of what they do, with an emphasis on returning to the societies they serve, and thus, is what has aided build the Pharmacy as a brand.

The Paganelli brothers have exposed their promise to society in several customs over these years. And thus, They have prosperous associations with the following organizations…

  • Fordham University
  • Barnabas Hospital
  • The Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities
  • The local Community Board and also
  • The Belmont Senior Citizen Organization

They also offer free facilities like cholesterol and also diabetes monitoring, blood-pressure inspections, and also free home delivery from their store to housebound clients.


The Arthur Ave. Vendors Assn. has favored this Pharmacy just as the Paganelli Family as Wholesalers of the Year. The NY City has regarded them with a City Council Citation, just as the Mayor’s Office Citation for Community Service store.

Address & Phone Number Of The Pharmacy

address phone number Mt Carmel Pharmacy

Located at Mount Carmel 187th St. Ann’s, this retail pharmacy is run by a squad of chemists who are not just extremely friendly; they are incredibly well-informed. With knowledge in both house pharmacy and also hospital practice, and also disease management, and also acute care, they can assist you to find the best medicine possibilities for you & your family.


705 East 187th Street

The Bronx NY

Phone Number

718 – 364 – 6100

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 580 – 203

Mt. Carmel Station

Bronx NY 10458

Office Location

2396 Arthur Avenue

705 East 187th Street

Bronx, NY 10458


718 – 364 – 6100

[email protected]



At this Pharmacy business, they are dedicated to serving you live an improved life. Their pharmacy business operations would be pleased to aid you with any queries you might have. So, that is how they offer the following services to their customers…



  • Allergy and also Cold Medication
  • Pain Medication
  • Oral Health Goods
  • Supplements and also Vitamins
  • Female Hygiene Goods
  • Infant Care
  • First Aid Substances


medication services

Medication Adherence

  • Prescriptions Refills and also Transfers
  • Medication Therapy Organization
  • Scheduled Appointments
  • Diabetes Specific Care Program order
  • Mail Delivery and also
  • Home-Delivery



A projected take 50% or above of medical medicines for enduring circumstances, like high diabetes and also cholesterol, are not occupied as per prescriptions.

Medical Medicine non-adherence can cause worsening health situations, demise, and also hospitalizations. Whatsoever the cause is for medicine non-adherence, they have an answer for you. And also simply ask one of their team associates personally or over the phone how they can aid you with your problem. They will search and also find information on it as well as will make it for you. Please give them some time to find the information out.



The Pharmacy syndicates high superiority goods with modified professional care. Their well-informed operation is pleased to aid you with any professional queries you might have. They try to aid you to influence your wellness and also health goals. Some of their specialty facilities also contain:

  • Hospital Bed and also Wheelchair Rentals available
  • 340B Constricted Pharmacy
  • No-Fault and also Workers Comp insurance recognized
  • Bill Payment and also MoneyGram facilities offered
  • Notary facilities accessible
  • Money Order facilities obtainable
  • Onsite Combination facilities available
  • Urostomy, Colostomy, and also Wound Care Materials obtainable
  • Certified Pharmacist Immunizers on the Staff
  • Specialty and also Enteral Baby formulations accessible
  • Incontinence provisions available
  • Feeding Pumps, Feeding supplies, and also Breast Pumps available
  • DMV Eye test facilities obtainable
  • Multilingual Staff (English, Spanish, Albanian, and also Italian)
  • OTC Cards accepted and also OTC Network Partner
  • Lotto facilities accessible
  • eWIC Vendor and also
  • Open 24/7 Days

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