How to Plan a Move: A Helpful Guide

Has moving house become something of a trend? It seems that way. According to 2022 records, we are moving house more frequently than ever.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean things always go to plan. Perhaps practice doesn’t always equal perfect. Nevertheless, there are many practical ways to help your move go smoothly.

Please continue reading for our guide on how to plan a move.

Write a Schedule

Timescales are often the most critical element of a move if you have a buyer who wants to move into your house by a specific date.

Address this by getting your critical dates in the diary. Work back from this date to pinpoint other critical milestones, such as booking movers or arranging storage.

Communicate your timescales to anyone involved in the mover. That will include obvious parties like your realtor and buyer, but don’t forget about other people, such as friends or family, who’ll help you with the move.

Set Your Budget

You don’t want to discover at the eleventh hour that you don’t have the funds to pay your movers or to hire a truck.

So set a budget for your move. Get quotes early, so you aren’t relying on estimates, and keep some extra money aside for emergencies.

Buy Packing Material

Shop around for discounts on packing material and buy when you see an offer rather than waiting until the last minute. It’s worth overbuying on boxes, tape, and labeling as most of us underestimate how much we have to pack.

Hire Movers (or a Truck)

For the moving day, you’ll need to decide whether to go for the pricier option of professional movers or the cheaper (but more labor-intensive) option of doing everything yourself.

What you do will primarily come down to your finances. If you can afford to hire movers, it’s worth it.

Perhaps you plan on moving to another state and want to consider shipping a car. In which case, you might want to get a quote for some shipping car across country services.

Organize Rooms

Start noting down items in each room, so you have an inventory. Think about packing them in boxes according to where you want them to go when you move (e.g., a specific room in your new home or into storage).

Make a Yard Sale

Remember that moving things to a new home costs time and money.

Do you need that old armchair or those boxes or toys? The answer is probably not, so organize a yard sale before you move to reduce the load (and raise some helpful cash to cover the cost of your move).

Start Storing and Labelling

If you are paying for storage, you’ll be able to start packing early. Start packing away non-essential items and ensure you add clear labels to the boxes. Many owners find color-coded labels help.

How to Plan a Move

You can avoid a last-minute moving disaster with a little bit of preparation. Use these tips on how to plan a move to ensure you’re ready for any eventuality.

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