Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver

Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are great commodities to invest in. Both precious metals hold their value over time and will be worth close to the same amount as when you bought them. They can also increase or decrease in value over time.

Gold and silver are also both good hedges against inflation and can help you to save during times of inflation. These metals have lasted through all types of chaos over history. They have survived wars, inflation, losses of civilizations, and so much more.

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This article will help you to learn more about investing in these metals. It will give you some information about these two precious metals. You can also research and find out more information.

Reasons to Own Gold and Silver

1.Diversification – Almost every financial advisor wants you to diversify your portfolio. These metals will help to diversify your portfolio by giving you something besides stocks and bonds to invest in. While the financial advisors might be speaking about several types of paper investments, gold, and silver are even better.

These metals are good investments for the bad times because they tend to do better when the economy is having issues. When times are good, paper stocks do ok, but it also helps to have precious metals in your portfolio. You want to be able to do good in both good times and bad. 

2. More Privacy with Gold and Silver – Many people want privacy when it comes to their investments and that is hard to come by. Most investments that you buy are splashed all over the internet, but you can keep your precious metals private. If you invest in these, you can have them hidden in your home and no one will know about them.

If you have paper investments, there is usually a trail that leads to you, so they are not easy to keep private. If it is privacy that you want, you need to invest in precious metal. There is usually no paper trail that can be traced if you do this.

3. They are Easy to Carry – You can carry these two items with you, and no one will know except you. You could keep them in a purse or briefcase, and no one will ever see them. You can even take it in a suitcase if you plan on traveling somewhere.

When a country changes political parties or an economy falls to the ground, you could leave the country with your gold and silver. In some parts of the world, there are many times when political regimes change from one person to another. If you have these two metals, the regime changes will not affect you as much because you could use them for your currency.

4. Retirement Concerns Can Be Eased – As our population ages, there are more and more concerns about retirement funds: There have been underfunding shortfalls in national retirement funds because of mismanagement. There are millions of retirees who may have trouble with retirement funds as they age.

If you have these precious metals, you will not have to worry about your retirement as much as if you did not. You will have items in your portfolio that will allow you to live in the style that you are used to. This is even better than paper investments because you will have it in your hands.

5. Safe Haven Asset – This means that when skies are gray and things are going bad, people will run to invest in this metal. They will not run to silver as much, so it is not considered a safe haven asset. Investors will go towards gold because it has a measure of safety that other assets do not offer.

The strength of this metal will stand up very well in most systematic risks. It has been a safe haven for as long as it has been around, for thousands of years. See more about safe havens here. It has carried investors through many forms of chaos in the past and will continue to do so.

6. They Always Have Value – People have been attracted to them since time began and it does not look like the attraction will end anytime soon. Because of this, their value has never been zero. They have always had some kind of value compared to other forms of currency and value over the years.

Paper currency can be undervalued when politicians make more and more of it when it is needed. Most civilizations have collapsed when there has been a major issue with paper currency. There have been thousands of examples of failures of paper currency.

7. Bear Markets Don’t Affect Gold – In bear markets when stocks begin to decline by more than twenty percent, your metals will still retain their value. Silver can retain its value, as well, but often not as well as gold. These times are also deflationary where prices of consumer goods either stay flat or decline.

Even during the Great Depression, this precious metal retained its value and was able to save some families. It has helped families in the worst of times, and in the best of times. The record is out there – gold has shown itself to do well in times of economic downturns.

8. Gold and Silver Will Always be in Demand – As the population of the world grows, demands for different things have also increased. These two metals will also continue to grow in demand as has been shown in the past. When the population grows, so does the demand for these two items.

When the population went past seven billion people, gold was selling for about twelve hundred dollars per ounce. Silver was selling for around fifteen dollars per ounce. When the population passed eight billion people, gold went for around two thousand dollars per ounce and silver went for about twenty-five dollars per ounce.

9 These Metals Make Good Hedges Against Inflation– When people talk about inflation, they often talk about the price of goods going up. This is one symptom of inflation, but the cause is currency inflation. The cause of price inflation is currency inflation.

The price of goods and services goes up for two basic reasons – supply and demand and the overproduction of currency. This always filters down to the consumer markets. Price inflation is when there is too much money that is going to a finite supply of goods and services.

10. Gold Will Help to Guard Against Financial Issues – There have been many bubbles that have popped in the last few years, one being Covid-19. This has caused our economy to fall in many ways. When this happens, gold has stayed strong.

During Covid-19, the Federal Reserve was producing currency in an unprecedented fashion in an attempt to rescue as many asset classes as it could. Most of this new money went to stocks and bonds and other paper currencies. This did not affect the gold market and increased its value instead.


Gold and silver are great investments during the hard times and the good times. These metals do better than currency does in times of economic downturn. They will forever be popular and worth something, just as they always have been.

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