People Over 40 Should Work Only Three Days every week, Study Says

Adjusting for 21st-Century Life:

In an attempt to draw in and retain skilled employees, some employers are getting more flexible with work schedules. Research indicates that tiny allowances can provide huge benefits to workers:

  • employees beginning work on times suitable to their natural rhythms – starting work on 10:00 a.m., for instance
  • shortened work-more hours per day but fewer days
  • in France, employers are legally banned from emailing workers outside of business hours
    an estate management firm in New Zealand tested moving to a 4-day work week and located that productivity was a minimum of an equivalent as a 5-day week; this is often in accordance with some school districts within the U.S. who have moved to a 4-day school week
  • depending on the industry and workforce, a 6-hour workday is often significantly more productive and effective than an 8-hour day
  • providing a day off in lieu of buy overtime
  • increasing the number of vacation days given to the workforce: Americans receive the smallest amount of vacation days and Canadians are third from last of all economically advanced nations.

Research has shown that office workers are literally productive only about 3 hours a day there really may be a limit to how long you’ll specialize in a task and the way many tasks you’ll complete on any given day.

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