People Over 40 Should Work Only Three Days every week, Study Says

Work-life Balance:

Many employers give hypocrisy to a desire to permit their employees a work-life balance. In fact, most of the people who work on a management level are routinely required to figure far more than 40 hours each week—most often without additional pay. Telecommuting has become increasingly popular across industries; while doing so may be a time- and money-saver, having the ability to figure remotely means you’ll (and are often expected to) work outside of business hours.

The importance of not working can’t be over-estimated. Working full-time with few or no breaks for 45 years or more will eventually take its toll. “Burn-out” is what happens once you hit the wall. Over-work is related to chronic stress and its related health problems, including a heart condition and cancer. Life outside of labor has its unavoidable stressors; workplace stress on top of that (often with no easy relief) can cause you to age faster and push you over the sting .

How does one know if you’re overworked?

Here are some signs to observe out for:

  1. You often use alcohol or drugs to relax.
  2. You normally work long hours but show little to no concrete results for it.
  3. You don’t sleep enough and feel fatigued throughout the day.
  4. You feel general anxiety, sadness, or depression.
  5. You regularly work overtime.
  6. Sore/strained eyes and body aches.
  7. Interpersonal relationships are an increasing challenge to forge or maintain during a healthy and loving way.

It is possible to die from over-work. Chronic over-work can cause serious illnesses and eroded psychological state.

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