CBD Oil Tinctures A Way Of The Future

The future is unpredictable to a certain extent, we think we have it all under control, and then suddenly life throws you a curveball and you feel yourself struggling to keep your head above water. How or what could we do to live the short life that we have to the best of our abilities I hear constantly in overheard conversations, and I smile because this is easier than you may think.

Since a young child I always remember watching and listening to my grandmother who believed in homemade, self-improvised recipes for curing ailments, she always had something to offer. They certainly didn’t taste great most of the time but I do know they worked, by the morning we were right as rain as the old saying goes and she would simply go back to her pottering around the house till we called for the next recipe.


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Now that we’re older it still made me wonder how she knew what to use, which ingredients were melting together perfectly to fix our colds or temperatures, and so I began to look into it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was not alone in my thinking or search for answers and that Mother Nature has heard our requests.

A humble yet powerfully effective plant that has been around for centuries is offering the world of organic and natural medicines an alternative to the chemical-filled prescriptions we tend to reach for as second nature. But for how long can we keep putting these unpronounceable named ingredients into our systems, and do we want to?

This flower, its seeds, and its components go by the name of Cannabidiol (or CBD, read more about it here https://www.healthline.com/health/your-cbd-guide and is increasing in popularity daily. Not only are we looking for healthier alternatives but we are researching how to make them at home too, and I am all for it.


I didn’t know then but I do know that those little jars and bottles packed away in a dusty, falling apart box in my granny’s room were known as tinctures.

This box was essentially her ‘medicine cabinet’ and she wouldn’t have it any other way, she never used over-the-counter medicines and would turn her nose up at those of us who recommended popping to the pharmacy for a headache tablet.

A tincture in simple terms is a concentrated liquid, usually with alcohol, vinegar, or ethanol to which natural ingredients have been added determined by the intention of the tincture.

Fruits, bark, and leaves are all added to the jar, flowers, seeds, and roots too and these are covered with the liquid and stored to allow the mixture to ‘steep’ – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steeping which draws the flavor and nutrients out of the ingredients and intensify the liquid.

Tinctures for you.

You are intrigued, you may have tried everything else when it comes to curing a health issue that just doesn’t seem to want to budge, now turn to nature for the silver lining to your dark cloud that you have been waiting for.

Plants and herbs have long been treating humans and their health problems, when modern medicines were not even on the map the human species would turn to the earth for answers and have been doing so ever since as early as the Egyptians and cavemen eras.

As results have been proven and documented the larger companies are taking notice and are now considering this to be the treatment of the future. CBD has a long list of health benefits, aiding in pain and inflammation treatment, significantly reducing the build-up in joints and muscles, and improving mobility giving us a better quality of life we may not have had before due to physical constraints.

But how do you know which is the right one? This can be daunting when there are so many options out there, but many people have claimed, and according to Cheefbotanicals that CBD has changed their lives forever and they no longer suffer the way they used to. Is this not the main objective of life, to live it to the fullest, and if using nature makes this happen then all the better?

The CBD plant is one that due to its genetic makeup, versatility, and ease of use, makes it suitable for all ages and species and treats an ever-expanding list of ailments.

A final thought. 

No matter your choice of herb or traditional medicinal practices, if what you have been trying all along just isn’t getting you the desired results then turning to an organic, toxin-free plant may just be the answer to your prayers.

We are constantly on the hunt for healthier lifestyle practices, trying to eat better and more nutritiously, give our children and families foods and ingredients that are pesticide and ideally preservative-free, and CBD ticks all of these boxes.

It can be adapted and implemented into all lifestyles and schedules, and the great fact is that it comes in a large variety of forms so there is something for every family member. From edibles to baked goods, oils to simply add into your cooked meals or gym protein shakes, and capsules to pop in your mouth with your morning coffee as you rush out the door, Cannabidiol has something for you and your family.

We use herbs and plants from nature all the time in cooking or beauty products, adding CBD into the mix, what have you got to lose?

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