Some Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid

branding mistakes

branding mistakes

Whether you have a big, medium or a small business, the branding mistakes of your organization is the most important thing you should consider if you want to get successful.

The thing is that you cannot put out a brand and then go to sleep. It does not work like that. You must be very active about your brand and its management. You cannot just sell something and then forget about it. It will be the end of your business in terms of brand name. One thing that you can do is to design something that you can use every time you run your business. You have to realize that you have to do something with your brand name at least once every quarter or even every year, depending on how much time you spend promoting your business.

The other thing that you have to remember is that you should not try to put out brand names and then forget about them. This means that you should come up with something that you can use every time you go out in your business. Remember that the world of marketing is one of change and this means that you have to be ready for any changes that are going to come in the market. This means that you have to have some way to keep yourself updated with what is going on in the market place.

One thing that you can do is to find a way to make your brand name likeable. Try not to turn your customers off when they see your logo. You do not want your customers to feel embarrassed because of what you have done. Try to find an easy way to be known to the customers. A few ways that you can do this are by allowing customers to use your picture on the products that they sell. You can also allow customers to be able to design their own t-shirts to use in your store.

Branding is very much important, as it helps to present your business in a certain light. Branding includes everything− from logo designing, packaging, text, font, website to right down to your business cards.

Many times, we come across news of a large business making enormous mistakes basically based on branding mistakes. While the small businesses are often met with the same fate, due to their small venture they never get any focus.

Most of the companies are likely to collapse due to the branding mistakes or the owners not understanding the importance of branding. Studies show that 63% of South African businesses collapse within two years, all thanks to the branding mistakes.

Many people think that ‘brands’ are always large and easily recognizable like Nike, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, etc. But like every business which was small once, a brand is also made from a scratch.

Here are some of the branding mistakes which should be avoided by all businessmen with a little bit of thought and planning.

  • Choosing a bad business name

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What’s in a name? The most fatal branding mistake is made if the business name is chosen wrong. A lot of jokes, memes and wrong king of glances and gestures would be made towards the business if a wrong name is chosen.

Sometimes the names may become outdated or become too racist or sexist. While sometimes it might not make any sense in another country or language.

Naming a business is like naming your own baby which takes strategic process and thought. Think of such a name which would reflect the purpose and identity of the business. Moreover it should not be a cliché as it drives away the craze.

  • Being inconsistent

Another branding mistake is changing the aspects of the branding, like logo or font style, frequently. An inconsistent brand gives out the wrong message of being untrustworthy.

Moreover there should be sync between the various aspects of branding. The company name, logo, tag line, bio should be identical in all the websites, business cards or packaging.

  • Being miserly or penny pinching

Many businesses try to cut short and save every resource from wherever they see possible. The first place they get their hands to is their office. This is another type of branding mistake.

No customer would be pleased to walk into an office with poor lighting and decorations, like second-hand fan or broken chairs, etc. All of these give an impression that the business is not well-off and no customer would want to invest in an unsuccessful business.

Moreover the employees of the office should also be taken good care of. This would give them a sense of security and happiness that their satisfaction would lead to the way they treat the customers.

  • Not understanding your market

To make a business successful, the foremost thing a businessman should do is understand and anticipate the market in which he is working.

For your brand to be successful one should understand the needs and necessities of the target market. For this one has to do a lot of research and send out questionnaires to find out to find out what the target market wants and likewise has to develop the brand around those needs.

Moreover every new businessman should learn to distinguish between good and bad advice. If the person is new in the world of business, he should study and gather as much knowledge as he can.

Initially a bit of help can be appreciated. But a poor consultant will get paid to give poor advices which could lead to the downfall of the business.

  • Changing the brand and trying to be ‘hip’

Some companies make the mistake of transforming their classic and conservative brand into a more hip, cool or funky brand to attract more customers.

Well this is another form of branding mistake as this transformation is never going to be easy. Customers who have gotten used to the previous brand would find uncomfortable adjusting to the new one.

Moreover one should not change the brand name just to have a new image. If the sales are falling or the company wants to go into a new direction, then the rebranding could be a good suggestion.

  • Not keeping it simple and unique

Another branding mistake is complicating the brand. Most successful business knows the value of simplicity. The right choice of letters and words can bring out the simplicity. Once the brand is made, it should be enforced throughout the company.

It is always advisable to keep the brand name unique and not follow the law of herd mentality. The uniqueness of the brand can be the intriguing selling point to the path of success.

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