Ways That you Can Enjoy an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle

Ways That you Can Enjoy an Eco-Friendlier Lifestyle

We all live a hectic lifestyle, with work, family and social demands on our limited time and if you are a person that cares about the planet, you will obviously be doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint. If you take a closer look at your lifestyle, you will likely find a few ways that you can be eco-friendlier and with that in mind, here are a few small things that you can do to improve your eco-friendly score.

  • Single use plastic – Avoid buying any product that uses plastic in an excessive way; if we all boycotted such products, the retailers/manufacturers would use eco-friendly packaging. Things that you can do include using a stainless-steel water bottle, taking reusable bags when you go to buy groceries and refusing to accept single-use plastic when offered. 
  • Use eco-friendly products – Check out Sambora Beach Toes, where you can buy eco-friendly nail varnish and Google can help you find many green products to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Bamboo is an amazing natural material and technology has enabled making clothing, fabric and many kitchen implements are made from bamboo. Using products made from natural materials is one way of surrounding yourself with natural material and online shopping brings the lowest prices. 
  • Buy a mountain bike – Aside from saving on fuel use, riding a bike will get you fit and there are some great trails you can ride at the weekend. A 5km ride every day works all the major muscle groups and if we all rode bikes, it would be great for the environment. Many families enjoy group rides, which is valuable time together, plus it teaches your kids road sense, which is essential for when they become drivers. 
  • Become a vegetarian – The many healthy vegans are proof that we can live without consuming meat; if the thought of giving up meat is too much, start by trying a few vegetarian dishes and over a period of time, you can reduce the meat content in your diet and maybe make an exception for a special occasion. Click here for information about drinking hot water and why it is good for you.
  • Solar power – This is a major way that you can make a difference; while solar panels are nothing new, costs have now come down to a point where you recoup your investment in only 5 years! What’s more, the Australian government offers homeowners incentives to use clean and renewable energy, which makes it even more attractive. There are numerous options; you can completely break free from the national grid and become self-sufficient providing all your energy needs from solar panels, or you can install a system that provides a portion of your daily power requirements.
  • Electric vehicle – EVs are the future of motoring and most vehicle manufacturers offer hybrid models, while some are already selling fully electric cars. Rising fuels prices have forced many drivers to look at EVs, which are zero-emission vehicles that can save you a lot of money in the long term.

We all need to be environmentally aware and all of the above ideas will reduce your carbon footprint and hopefully, all of our efforts are not in vain.

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