Top 10 Fastest Average Internet Service By State

When you look at your internet statement, you’ll see upload and download internet speeds. This pertains to how much information can be sent over the online system during a connection. The speed that you have is important as it can determine what you can and can’t do online, such as streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, playing online games, or simply sending emails. It’s also an important number when it comes to the number of devices that are connected in your home at one time. As the speed increases, then you’ll usually be able to connect more devices at once so that more people can use the internet. Another important aspect is the bandwidth. This is like a highway and dictates how many frequencies the network can handle. You’ll usually see bits per second or megabits per second with the number associated with your internet speed as this is how it’s measured.

If you’re a business owner, then you want to consider a higher internet speed so that your system can handle all of the transactions that you make as well as the other activities that you perform so that your business doesn’t lag. For a single user, then an average of 5 Mbps is usually sufficient. However, if you have over four people in your home or you’re using multiple devices at one time, then you’re going to want your internet speeds to be around 40 Mbps or higher. Several speed tests have been analyzed across the country to try to determine which states have the fastest speeds and which states have speeds that are slower as well as some of the common activities that people in those states perform online.

Fastest Speeds
Among the states with the fastest internet speeds in the country is Maryland. The state typically offers speeds of about 65 Mbps. With the higher internet speeds that are available, Maryland is a state that’s known for high-tech businesses, gaming, and streaming by multiple people. New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Delaware are the next four fastest states in the country when it comes to internet speeds. Somerset is the fastest city in New Jersey with an average speed of about 97 Mbps. These states are all located on the east coast, which is also where there are more cities that aren’t as congested as those that are on the west coast. Combine the faster speeds with a lower cost of living, these states are ideal for businesses that are just getting started.

Slower Speeds
At the bottom of the ladder is Alaska with internet speeds of around 17 Mbps. Weather conditions and not being able to easily run cable lines for internet services in the state tend to be factors in the slower speeds. Mississippi, Idaho, Montana, and Maine are also among the slowest states in the country when it comes to internet speeds. Since the speeds in these states aren’t as fast as what you would find in others, they usually aren’t ideal locations for those who want to start a business or even for those who have several people in the home who need to use the internet at one time. is a website that you can use to see how your state ranks compared to others so that you know what you’re getting when it comes to how fast or slow your connection is while surfing the web.

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