Norwegian Forest Cat: How to Take Care of Yours

Norwegian forest cats are Norway’s official cats, this cat breed also originated from Norway. They are not just large, they are fluffy with cuddly thick coats, and have striking eyes shaped like almonds.

They also have great personality traits that make them a great addition to a family. However, if you own one of these cuties, then knowing how to properly care for it is very important.

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing important aspects of taking care of a Norwegian forest cat, from grooming to feeding, and even entertaining them.


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1. Choose Only High-Quality Food

Your cat requires high-quality food to stay in great physical condition. So when shopping for its food, ensure you take your time to select the best. We also recommend you read this buying guide that discusses tips to remember when buying your cat’s food. Also, ensure that the food you buy will properly cater to your pet’s nutritional requirements.

2. Measure the Food

If you let your pet free-feed (that is have unlimited access to food), then it can become overweight, and this isn’t good for it. Rather than doing this, measure the food you give your pet and keep a schedule for its feeding.

Check the food package for the daily quantity of food your pet needs in a day. Then, divide the quantity into two and feed your cat the divided amount twice a day. Alternatively, speak to your vet about the quantity of food to give your pet.

3. Give It Lots of Clean and Fresh Water

Ensure a clean fresh bowl of water is always available to your cat. Also, make sure you wash the water bowl every day and throw out the water and have it replaced at least once a day.

The placement of both the water and food bowls has to be such that your pet has easy access to them. Do not put the bowls close to its litter box as this might repulse it and discourage it from feeding properly.

4. Treats Are Important

Keep your furry baby satisfied by giving it daily treats. Human foods that are good for cats can also be used as treats. However, be careful of the number of treats you give to it. Typically, the treats shouldn’t be more than 5% of the daily calories intake of your pet.


To keep your Norwegian kitty entertained indoors, try the following:

1. Give it Puzzle Toys

Your pet is intelligent and would enjoy playing with challenging toys. A cat puzzle toy will not only entertain your pet but it would also stimulate its mind. Once the puzzle is completed, reward your cat with treats.

2. Pet It

Of course, your cat wants you to pet it. While they are an independent breed, Norwegians enjoy getting affection from their owners. However, sometimes, they may need some space, ensure you give them this when they are in that mood.


1. Brushing Its Fur

Your Norwegian fur has to be brushed at least once a week. This is to ensure the coat stays tangle-free. A brush with wire bristles should do the trick. Brush its tail, chest, tummy, sides, and back.

Starting this practice from the beginning (from when it’s a kitten) will make it used to the process and make yours and its life a lot easier.

2. Trimming Its Claws

Norwegians love to climb so their claws are important to them. However, the claws can get too sharp over time. When this happens, a trim is required.

How often you trim its claws is based on how often its scratches are used. If it is often, then trimming may not even be necessary. However, if it isn’t often, then a trim once in 3 weeks should do.

When trimming the claws, only cut the white tip off; do not go towards the pink side. If you do, you may end up hurting your pet. Look at the claws with proper light so you can distinguish the pink parts from the white tip.

Trim just a little part of the claws at one time. You simply need to remove the tips and not the claws completely.

3. Bathing

You only have to give your Norwegian a bath when it is necessary. Norwegians have thick waterproof double coats. So, bathing one may be very challenging. Therefore, if you think your pet needs a bath, you may consider getting a professional groomer to do the job.

Norwegian forest cats love to groom themselves and they often dedicate time to it. This means your job of grooming them is made even easier, and you only have to bathe it when it gets sticky or dirty. However, if you find that your pet no longer grooms itself, then you need to take it to the vet; chances are it may be sick.

4. Cleaning Its Teeth

Your cat’s dental health is vital for its general health. Therefore, you need to ensure you give it dental care regularly. Not only is this good for its health, but it would also ensure its breath stays fresh. When brushing your cat’s teeth, all you need is a cats’ toothpaste and a toothbrush. Never for any reason, use human toothpaste to brush your pet’s teeth. Visit to learn why human toothpaste is bad for cats.

Start gradually to introduce dental care to your pet. You can start by putting wet food on the toothbrush and letting your cat lick it off. Do this for some days then try putting the toothbrush in its mouth once it seems comfortable.

Also, don’t use too much pressure as you brush. Ensure your strokes are gentle so you don’t injure its gums.


In this article, we have discussed methods with which you can take proper care of a Norwegian forest cat. We hope this article has been helpful to both you and your pet.

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