LCL and Its Importance for International Freight Shipping

LCL and Its Importance for International Freight Shipping

Is there an intelligent way to save on international freight shipping? How to minimize costs with a small amount of cargo? What to do if a Full Load container is too expensive for you? In this case, logistics already has a ready-made solution — cargo consolidation.

What Is Low Container Load?

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LCL method of cargo international shipping significantly reduces the cost of transportation of small cargoes.

If a small consignment of goods is transported in one container or trailer, the customer will have to pay in total, that is, for the cargo’s place and the rest of the space in a container. Why should you pay for space? Consolidating freight from several clients will allow them to pay only for the dimensional parcel size. This reduces the cost of transportation for each participant.

Advantages of LCL for International Freight Shipping

International cargo transportation is a great chance to get goods quickly and in perfect condition. Benefits of this type of service include:

  • Minimization of logistics costs.
  • Reducing the price of transportation for each unit of transported goods.
  • You can use the valuable volume of containers to the maximum.
  • No half-empty containers.
  • Possibility to form a large party to ship it internationally.

How to Send LCL Cargos with Meest?

Meest Corporation is a famous international freight forwarder with all the licenses and permits to ship groupage cargo in containers with freight and parcels. To determine the value of your shipment, check the formula at

Why do you need formulas if you can simply weigh the load? The dimensional weight simplifies the procedure for evaluating the transportation of goods. Thus, if the parcel is light but takes up a lot of space in the container, you pay not for kilograms but volume.

To send a groupage cargo, the client must provide the following information:

  • A detailed description of the parcel contents.
  • Weight, size, and cost of freight.
  • Full address, contact number, and ID details of the recipient and shipping method (by sea or air).

You can easily calculate the cost of your parcel using an online calculator on the Meest page. Just remember to specify the container load.

Cargo transportation is a responsible, critical, and demanded service, but not all freight international services get the right to transport consolidated goods and cargo. Meest Corporation is an expert in international transportation and transport logistics. The company is happy to carry out for you the delivery of groupage or any other cargo with documentary support, including customs clearance.

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