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Full Name of Father Of Biology: Aristotle

Date Of Birth (DOB): 384 BC

Birth Land: Stagira, Chalcidian League, Greece

Death: 322 BC (Greece)

Fame: philosopher & scientist

Teacher: Plato

Who Was The Father Of Biology


Who Is The Father Of Biology?

Aristotle is the father of biology. Aristotle had embraced Plato’s disciple at the age of 17-18. He had composed in many subjects on physics, spirituality, poetry, drama, music, logic, political science and biology. The number of his written texts is up to 400.

Aristotle was born in 384 years before the Christian city of Stagira, situated on the northern edge of the Aegean Sea. His father was an educated and respected person. Aristotle’s primary education was arranged at home and his father himself gave the knowledge of nature.

In Athens, he studied under the guidance of the famous philosopher Plato. In the Balkan state, Aristotle started introducing his clever and independent intellect. He never accepted the ideas of his master Aristotle in Athens, he never accepted without examining himself.

The most permanent importance of Aristotle’s research is probably done in animal science and animal science. Looking at all these discoveries, we are still amazed at how they can be used in the modern form of the scientific system. In the very time of day, he used to spend his time on the banks of the sea, studying the sea life, he himself did not have his senses, and whatever study he had done for the birds of the surrounding birds, and its importance still did not work.

It was great to find Aristotle the father of biology, especially on subjects which are related to human nature, such as’ When does a person face the problem whenever he gets the problem? ‘And’ how the mind of a man works? ‘What should be done in the administration that works for the society to engage with the people who always work properly?

Aristotle used to work with big intimates while keeping an experimental approach to the environment around him, to get the answers of such questions, he used to teach his disciples in the broad day in the morning and in the evening ordinary people in general language discourse.

Father Of Different Branches Of Biology


Father Of Different Branches Of Biology:

We all know that the father of biology is Aristotle. But do you know who the fathers of different branches of biology are? Well, if you do not know then check it here in the table below:



Aristotle Father of Biology
Carl Linnaeus Father of Modern Biology
Theophrastus Father of Botany
Bauhin Father Of Modern Botanical Science
Aristotle Father of Zoology
Carl Linnaeus Father of Taxonomy
Theophrastus Father of Ecology
R. Mishra Father of Indian Ecology
Hedwig Father of Bryology
Fristch Father of Phycology
OP Iyengar Father of Indian Phycology
Micheli Father of Mycology
Alexander Fleming Father of Antibiotics
Edward Jenner Father of Immunology
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Father of Microbiology
Louis Pasteur Father of Modern Microbiology
Robert Koch Father of Medical Microbiology
Robert Koch Father of Bacteriology
W.M.Stanley Father of Virology
Claude Bernard Father Of Modern Experimental Physiology
Stephan Hales Father of Physiology
Aristotle Father of Embryology
Ernst Von Baer Father of Modern Embryology
Panchann Maheshwari Father of Indian Embryology
Gregor John Mendel Father of Genetics
Bateson Father of Modern Genetics
Archibald Garrod Father of Human Genetics
T.H. Morgan Father of Experimental Genetics
Liebig Father of Biochemistry
Ian Willmut Father of Cloning
Rudolph Virchow Father of Pathology
Grew Father of Plant anatomy
K A Chaudhary Father of Indian Plant anatomy
Malpighi Father of Histology
Robert Hooke Father of Cytology
Swanson Father of modern Cytology
AK. Sharma Father of Indian Cytology
Leonard da Vinci Father of Paleontology
Cuvier Father of modern Paleontology
Empedocles Father of Concept of Evolution
de Bary Father of Plant Pathology
Rudolf Virchow Father of Modern Pathology
Paul Berg Father of Genetic Engineering
Anderson Father of Gene therapy
Thomas Addison Father of Endocrinology
Galton Father of Eugenics
Einthoven Father of Electrocardiography (ECG)
Alec Jeffery Father of DNA Fingerprinting
Susruta Father of Plastic Surgery
Hahnemann Father of Homeopathy
Charka Father of Ayurveda
William Harvey Father of Blood circulation
Landsteiner Father of Blood Group
Hippocrates Father of Medicine
Norman E Borlaug Father of Green Revolution
Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan Father of Indian Green Revolution
Jonas Salk Father of Polio Vaccine
Peter De-Crescenzi Father of Agronomy
Erdtman Father of Palynology
Birbal Sahani Father of Indian Paleobotany
Konrad Lorentz Father of Ethology
Hugo de Vries Father of Mutation
HJ Muller Father of Radiation Genetics
Lipmann Father of ATP Cycle
Andreas Vesalius Father of Modern Anatomy
Herophilus Father of Anatomy

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