Apple Required To Include A Power Adapter With iPhone 12 In Brazil, Sao Paulo


Apple had decided not to provide the charger and earphones in the box with its iPhone 12 series. Before discussing why Apple did this, let us know that this strategy of the company is now becoming a trap for its neck. Actually, Apple is now giving only one Type-C cable with the new iPhone. That is, this cable cannot be used with any other charger or adapter.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Design, Cost, And Specifications

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The tech giant Apple phones are known for their design, look, and quality. At the same time, now a lot of impatience is being seen in the people about the company’s new series i.e. iPhone 12. However, the charger is not provided in the retail box of smartphones coming from the Apple iPhone 12 series. The company offers to buy a separate 20W charger for the iPhone 12 series.


Apart from the arrival of accessories without the iPhone, the report also details the price and specifications of the four expected iPhone 12 models. The company introduces

  • iPhone 12 priced between $ 699 & $ 749
  • iPhone 12 Max priced between $ 799 and $ 849
  • iPhone 12 Pro priced between $ 1,049 and $ 1,099
  • And iPhone 12 Pro Max priced between $ 1,149 to $ 1,199 inside the new series.

The iPhone 12 series was already being speculated to be expensive as it can get many special features with 5G connectivity. However, Apple has said that it will try to keep the prices of the iPhone 12 series low.


The report also revealed some specifications of the iPhone 12 series smartphone. All models in the series can be offered with AMOLED display, A14 SoC, and Face ID. Apart from this, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max can be offered with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and a dual rear camera setup. The camera setup of these phones will include two 12-megapixel sensors. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are expected to come with 6GB LPDDR4X RAM. It can have a triple rear camera setup with three 12-megapixel sensors.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max specification


Hexa Core (3.1 GHz, Dual Core + 1.8 GHz, Quad-Core)

Apple A14 Bionic



6.7 in (17.02 cm)


The Camera

12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP Triple Primary Camera

Dual led flash

12 MP Front Camera

The Battery

3687 mAh

Fast charging


Apple Enforced To Include Charger With iPhone In Brazil, Sao Paulo:


Apple’s decision not to provide chargers with the iPhone is effective in all countries except France. But now even in Brazil, Apple has to provide a charger with the phone. The company had decided not to provide the charger and earphones in the box citing reduced carbon emission. But his argument did not work in Brazil.

Notice in October, the decision in December

Brazil has told Apple that the company will also have to provide a charger in the box to its customers. In fact, in October the Sao Paulo state government of Brazil asked Apple October why it had stopped providing earphones and chargers with iPhones.

The agency has said that the charger is an important part of any electronic product and Apple has not yet provided any evidence to prove that its decision is in the interest of the environment. Apple has argued that to reduce carbon emissions, it has decided not to give chargers.

Apple says that people already have chargers from which they can charge the new iPhone, while the truth is that the cable found with the new iPhone is not supporting the old charger. So Brazilian state São Paulo is now demanding and forcing the Apple company to include the charger along with the phone box.

Reasons Behind Not Giving Apple Charger

However, after this decision, the company has started selling the Chargers separately with a lot of papers (manuals), it seems that the reason behind the decision was just to earn money. Because there was really an environmental reason behind not giving the charger, so many paper manuals are not available. In which many trees are used.

Apple’s Clarification Didn’t Work And Now Finally Forced To Include Charger

Apple stated in its clarification that its users already have chargers. With which they can charge their new iPhone, but the reality is something else. Actually, the cable found with the new iPhone is not supporting the old charger.

Brazil’s Sao Paulo state government has ordered Apple to provide the charger with the new iPhone as before. This has been confirmed by Sao Paulo’s consumer protection agency Procon-SP. In a press release on Wednesday, the Procon-SP said that a power adapter was an “essential part” for the use of the product, and selling the ‌iPhone‌ without it is against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code.

But the company is selling the charger separately, which is clear to see that the company’s decision not to give the charger is to save more by just saving the cost of the product. In such a situation, the company will have to be allowed to make changes in its decision in the future and on the orders of the government of many countries.

Apple Unable To Give Solid Answers

The agency has described it as being against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code Standard, and also unable to provide a concrete answer to Apple. According to the report, currently, the order against Apple will be applicable only in Sao Paulo State. But the National Consumer Secretary of Brazil is also talking about implementing this order across the country.

Apple Will Have To Provide Charger In Brazil, Sao Paulo

Well, according to reports, Brazil told Apple that they would have to carry the charger in the box. According to local law in France, Apple has to provide earphones with phones. And now the company has to follow these rules in Brazil. Explain that while ordering the American company, Brazil has said that for Brazilian customers, give the charger along with the box of iPhone.

Currently Only Cable In Box

The Sao Paulo State of Brazil ordered Apple to include a power brick in the iPhone box. Currently, the company is offering the only cable in the box. Now Apple will have to provide the charger not only with the iPhone 12 series but also with its older models.

Apple Answers

According to Folha de S.Paulo news publication, this decision has been taken by the court and confirmed by Procan-SP, the consumer protection agency of Sao Paulo. The agency has questioned the agency why they are not providing the charger with the retail box?

However, the answer that Apple gave after that is not satisfactory, because Apple said that most of the iPhone users have the charger of the old iPhone and so the carbon emission can also be reduced by removing the charger from every box.

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