4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Swimming Pool Enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures are widely considered as the most helpful structures for commercial or residential pools. And for good reasons. The use of pool enclosures can decrease energy costs, lessen maintenance costs, and reduce debris in pools. Swimming pool enclosures that are made with exceptional materials can also serve as a means of protection for your pool.

However, despite the benefits and advantages of swimming pool enclosures, some homeowners are still hesitant in investing in them because of the lack of awareness and false beliefs. To address this, here are four common misconceptions regarding pool enclosures:

Swimming Pool Enclosures are not Worthy Investments

As the adage goes, “money does not grow on trees,” which is why when making structural investments on properties, most people hesitate or think twice. One common misconception regarding pool enclosures is that they are not worthy investments, so some homeowners avoid investing in them. However, this should not be the case.

According to an article by Swim University, one of the main functions of a pool enclosure is to provide safety and security to residential or commercial infrastructure, and the people that use it. Swimming pool enclosures are great investments because whenever a product or service provides protection, it is a worthy investment.

Swimming Pool Enclosures Easily Breakdown

Durability is one important factor that most homeowners consider when making infrastructure investments to their properties. Unfortunately, some individuals think that swimming pool enclosures are not durable and easily breakdown, which is why they are hesitant in acquiring them. However, this is not true.

Swimming pool enclosures made by reputable manufacturers and offered by reliable sellers are made with industry-grade materials. This means they have top of the line components that are durable and will last for an extended period. When you buy from a trusted source, you won’t have to worry about your pool enclosure breaking down or not working properly.

Swimming Pool Enclosures are Expensive

Several years ago, the cost of pool enclosures depended on two crucial factors, which include the overall size of the swimming pool and the materials used for the pool enclosure. This means if you have a large swimming pool, an enclosure would cost more. Also, if you want to use upgraded materials, then it might cost you more too.

However, due to the advancement of technology and reduction in material prices, pool enclosures have become relatively inexpensive and are now more affordable. Now, you will be able to protect your loved ones and prevent unwanted accidents by installing a pool enclosure at a much lesser price.

Swimming Pool Enclosures Offer No Health Benefits

Sunlight produces ultraviolet (UV) rays that have harmful effects on individuals. Minimal effects of too much UV exposure include skin redness and pain. However, prolonged and frequent exposure to UV rays can lead to severe health conditions, such as skin disorders and cancer. Swimming pool enclosures dramatically decrease UV exposure.

By having a swimming pool enclosure, you are protecting your friends and family from the harmful effects of UV rays. This is because a pool enclosure can deflect sunlight and reduces its ability to penetrate the pool premises.

Swimming pool enclosures are undoubtedly helpful infrastructures not only to your property but to individuals as well. If you are a responsible house owner and have a great concern for the health of your friends and family, don’t let the misconceptions mentioned above stop you from getting an enclosure.

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