How To Effectively Apply Eye Cream to Enjoy Maximum Benefits

The eyes are said to be the window to your soul and you must take good care of them. The skin around your eye area is super sensitive. Additionally, it doesn’t contain as many pores that produce natural sebum that acts as a moisturizer. As such, you need to use premium Eye Creams to prevent any wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags.

These specific creams come in special formulas. It contains specific ingredients that can treat different eye concerns. It can also tighten, heal, protect, and hydrate at the same time. The best age to use eye cream is when you are still young. Why wait before you see problem spots? Prevention, is after all, better than a cure.

But before you begin dabbing generous amounts of eye cream, you need to know proper application techniques. Remember, your eye area is delicate, and you cannot treat it like the rest of your face and body. Knowing how to do it right ensures you get the full protective benefits of the eye cream as it will soak up well. To get the most out of your product, follow these tips for proper application. Let’s dive in!

Use the Pinky Finger to Apply

Your pinky is your smallest and weakest finger. As such, you can rest assured that it will not exert undue pressure on your eye. When applying any Eye Creams, the key to correct application is the gentlest touch. If you pull and dab excessively, it may hurt the area. It can even cause premature wrinkles and marks.

Scoop Out the Product With Applicator

Never dip your finger into the eye cream pot to preserve its integrity. Remember, your hands, even if you wash it, will contain germs and bacteria. Your fingers also have invisible natural oils. You don’t want these contaminants to mix in with your eye cream because it may reduce efficacy and shorten lifespan. You don’t want to deal with a rancid eye cream because you didn’t take the proper precautions.

Utilize the Right Amount of Product

The key to perfect eye cream usage is utilizing the right amount. You don’t really need much when working with your eyes. The last thing you need is to deal with a sty or another eye irritation. If you use excessive amounts, the product can enter your eyes and cause adverse reactions. Instead, be sure to apply small tiny dots under the eyes. You can then work it in slowly to ensure great absorption. Moreover, most specialists say not to apply eye cream directly on the eyelids, unless the directions indicate it is safe for you to do it.

Follow Correct Application Techniques

When applying, begin from the innermost corner and work your way out. It would be best to avoid putting cream too close to your bottom eyelashes. Be sure to dab gently and never drug or rub. Be diligent in gently patting the product onto the skin. Think of it as an eye area massage. It is vital to do this as it improves blood circulation in the area. With oxygenated blood coming in, you feed the cells around your eyes. They plump up the area, reduce puffiness, and promote collagen growth which minimizes wrinkles.

Wait a Few Minutes Before Applying Other Products

Finally, you have to wait at least 2 minutes before you apply other products. What is the logic here? Well, that amount of time ensures the eye cream is fully absorbed into the area. Remember, you must apply your eye cream before your daytime moisturizer and sunscreen. By the same token, put it before your night cream too. The reason for this is your eye cream typically has a lighter formula. It absorbs fast! However, if you put it on top of a heavier formula, it can be overpowered. As such, it is best to put the eye cream first before you apply the rest of your skincare products and cosmetics.

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