20+ Signs Of Highly Intelligent People

There are many various sorts of intelligence outside of a standard “Einstein” genius. Someone could be musically gifted but struggle with math. otherwise you could be very well-read but have a below-average memory. Intelligence can are available numerous different forms and is usually taught in class . However, there are some sorts of intelligence that can’t be taught. This includes traits like emotional intelligence, having a curious mind, or other skills people are born with. While some people’s intelligence is clear , there are numerous potential signs of evidence that you simply might not know of.

They Took Music Lessons

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It has been proven that folks who have taken music lessons at one point or another tend to possess a better IQ than those that haven’t . it’s also been found that this trend is most notable in children between the ages of 4 and 6 .

There are numerous studies on the topic , and it’s been concluded that learning an instrument can help people interpret and analyze things different instead of those that haven’t touched an instrument before.

They Are The Eldest Sibling

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Older siblings are going to be thrilled to listen to that being an older sibling also tends to play a task in a person’s intelligence. However, this has nothing to try to to with genetics. It’s just because older siblings tend to possess received tons of attention from adults after they were born, and even have experience interacting with their younger siblings.

They are also the primary to experience new things and learn lessons by making mistakes and setting an example.

They Are In Shape

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There are a couple of studies conducted that have revealed that folks with lower BMIs are often a symbol of enhanced intelligence. one among the considerations is that more intelligent children might get older to be more financially successful than less-intelligent people.

Having extra money when you’re grown up allows people to require better care of the bodies and afford things like healthy food, gym memberships, and even access to decent healthcare.

They Own A Cat

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While the argument about cats or dogs rages on, cat lovers are going to be happy to listen to that owning a cat are often a symbol of upper intelligence. While those that prefer dogs tend to be more outgoing and extroverted, those that own cats tend to be the other .

According to a 2014 study, “cat people” may display higher levels of cognitive ability. this is often presumably thanks to them staying reception spending their time reading and other similar activities.

They Experimented With Drugs

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In a 2012 study, researchers wrote that “in our large population-based cohort study, a high IQ at 11 years was related to a greater likelihood of using selected illegal drugs 31 years later a high childhood IQ may prompt the adoption of behaviors that are potentially harmful to health in adulthood.”

Although drugs are dangerous, those with higher intelligence could also be more inclined to experiment with drugs so as to satisfy their curiosity.

Intelligent people do not like to fall out of the loop of what is happening within the world. Staying up so far on world news is not any easy task, but it is vital to remain informed.

Staying informed also helps intelligent people learn new things that are important to their lives. they will learn subsequent trend and begin developing the talents to form it apart of their repertoire. With such a lot to find out an do, it’s impossible for intelligent people to run out of things to try to to .

They Have Several Projects

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Another trait of intelligent people is their ability to balance several projects directly . they could appear as if their doing nothing, but they’re really solving twenty different problems all at an equivalent time.

These projects can range from learning a replacement dance to putting together a replacement bookshelf. a sensible person has ideas of thing they need to start out and finish, and that they will attempt to make those dreams a reality. The project won’t help them within the future , but it’ll be emotionally fulfilling.

They Don’t Think they’re Smart

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Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? It says that folks with lower intelligence tend to think more highly of themselves. On the reverse side, those that are smart usually sell their abilities short.

The truth about intelligence is that while it are often hidden, it can’t be removed . a sensible person is sensible . an individual with less abilities can learn to be more intelligent. those that have built up their intelligence flaunt it, while those that haven’t are more humble.

They Use Less Electronics


Preferring to avoid an information overload, intelligent people tend to use less electronic devices in their lives. this does not mean they do not own a sensible phone, laptop, tablet, and streaming device, they only don’t use all of them at an equivalent time.

Not surprisingly, a study conducted by Hewlett Packard even concluded that workers who were overloaded on information were less productive and more easily distracted at work. The urge to see their personal email and social networks was more important that the urge to try to to their job.

They Base Their Opinions On Facts

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Intelligent people are known skeptics, but this sign of brains has nothing do with skepticism. They enjoy being well-informed, and as a result, their opinions are well informed and supported facts.

When an intelligent person speaks, they demand the eye of the space . albeit they’re trying to convince you that their point of view is correct, they’re presenting their side with facts, not subjective thoughts. the power to be objective helps with future growth and adaptableness .

They Care About Others

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Intelligent people tend to be more empathetic then their peers. Empathy may be a key trait of intelligence and major signifier that you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. one among the foremost important sorts of intelligence is emotional intelligence.

When you have empathy, you care about the way others around you are feeling . If they’re hurting or sad, you would like to understand why, and you would like to seek out how to assist them.

They Are More Internet Savvy


Because the web “dispenses” knowledge, some people believe that it causes you to smarter. this might not be beyond the reality . Studies actually show that folks who spend an excessive amount of time on the web lack deep thinking skills.

Therefore, more intelligent people tend be more internet savvy. They spend less time on electronics and know exactly where they have to travel to urge the knowledge they have . The less time they spend looking up information, the longer they need for his or her many other projects.

They Have High Maintenance Minds

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With such a lot information being packed into their brains, intelligent people tend to possess more high maintenance minds. they’re constantly digesting and analyzing new information, bringing within the new while purging the old.

They want to understand everything about the maximum amount as they will , not only one thing about everything. If you mention any topic during a conversation with a sensible person, their goal is to be ready to talk intelligently with you about it.

They Learn From Their Mistakes

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If you are the quite one that doesn’t make an equivalent mistake, you would possibly be more intelligent that your peers. the power to find out from your mistakes may be a sign of upper intelligence.

Basically, before you create an equivalent mistake again, your brain yells at you to not . You realize that you simply are close to do something negative and react by stopping yourself. it is a good thing to form mistakes too when you’re smart; you usually learn from them!

They Are Resourceful

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Intelligent people aren’t just incredible problem solvers. they’re also incredibly resourceful. once they encounter a drag , they use all the tools they to possess to seek out an answer . they do not try an equivalent solution over and once again to no avail.

How does one solve your problems? Are the one that looks at the resources available to ascertain if you’ll actually solve it? Not every problem features a solution, and learning when to maneuver onto subsequent one is additionally smart.

Smart Men Are Monogamous

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Here’s a doozy of an idea for you. Intelligent men tend to be monogamous. the idea , which you’ll prefer to believe if you would like , states that intelligent men tend to travel against nature’s grain.

While male nature pushes men to “pass their genes” onto as many offspring as possible, intelligent men are less inclined to the present . Bottom line, if you would like a person who will stay faithful, your best bet (but no guarantee) is to seek out the neatest one you’ll .

They Curse More

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Would you describe yourself as having the “mouth of sailor?” If you’re one among the many people round the globe who can’t say anything with adding a curse , you’re very smart.

Language Sciences conducted a study in 2016 that showed that folks who curse more have larger vocabularies than those that don’t. curiously enough , the study debunked an earlier one that attempted to prove the more you cursed the dumber you were.

They Make Riskier Decisions

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Finland used a study to point out that more intelligent people tend to form riskier decisions. it had been determined that there’s a correlation between adolescents who make dangerous decisions learning better deciding skills.

Confused? to interrupt it right down to science, those within the study who made more dangerous decision had more substantia alba in their brain. substantia alba is related to cognitive function. The behavior won’t look very smart, but these young kids might surprise you with their success when they’re adults.

They Trust Others

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Surprisingly, intelligent people tend to be more trusting of the people around them. Oxford University made this declaration and determining that trust was linked to high IQ. Before you click away, hear the reasoning.

Intelligent people are so observant, that it isn’t that they’re more willing to trust anyone. they only choose who they trust more carefully. Before they provide your their confidence, they vet you thoroughly in their minds.

They Lie More


Uh oh, the power to lie convincingly is related to higher intelligence. To be ready to lie consistently, the brain has got to be more developed. Anyone can lie, but if you’re telling an equivalent lie over and over, you would like to memorize it.

This ability to recall memory is bigger in smarter people. Just aren’t getting caught together with your pants ablaze . you recognize how the song goes, so don’t let it become a reality. Just be honest!

And They Can Sense When They’re Being Lied To

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It is sensible that an honest liar would be ready to tell when they’re being lied to, which is strictly why researchers associate intelligent people with their ability to ascertain tricksters. That’s because high intelligence also comes with high emotional and spatial intelligence.

These people are ready to quickly devour another person’s intentions, motivation, and needs . Then, if what another person is saying doesn’t align with their true intentions, you’ll spot the lie.

They Hold In Their Emotions

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It’s understood now that holding in emotions and build up walls until one small thing causes you to possess an emotional outburst isn’t a healthy habit. That being said, there are times where it’s important to restrain your emotions to urge the work done and extremely smart people are good at that.

Researchers believe it comes from the a part of their brain that’s good at compartmentalizing tasks. extremely smart people are ready to separate things like work and family to form it easier.

They Don’t mention Something they do not Know

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Highly intelligent people tend to understand what they’re experts in, which suggests they’ll never attempt to be an armchair expert. they’re going to refrain from voicing their opinion on topics they do not have a full picture in, which is proof that they wish to have all the facts.

This trait may be a study in the way to be humble and know where you’ve got expertise. extremely smart people don’t need to return off as someone pretending to be quite they’re .

They Move Their Eyes Without Moving Their Heads

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This won’t appear to be an outright tell of high intelligence but one teacher on Reddit believes it is a pattern that they had seen over the years. This teacher claimed that their students who are the foremost self-aware “tend to direct their eyes without turning their whole heads.”

Many believe this could be because the more intelligent students have greater bent where they’re looking and what they’re listening to within the room.

They Might Stumble Over Their Words

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Some extremely smart people just have numerous thoughts happening in their head that they can not always get them out without sounding a touch silly. this suggests that you simply might find extremely smart people that stumble over their words or maybe develop alittle stutter.

Of course, speech impediments are often a reason behind this too. It goes to point out that whatever speech impediment an individual may have doesn’t correlate to a coffee intelligence.

They’re Clear And Concise

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Highly intelligent people don’t mince words. In fact, because they will get overwhelmed by all their thoughts and even sometimes stutter, many extremely smart people learn to carefully craft what they go to mention .

You can make certain that a extremely smart person means every word they assert albeit it comes out slow. this is often one trait that a lot of people attributed to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Her legal briefs were known for having power in every single word.

They’re Punny!:

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This may not seem obvious initially but it’s believed that folks who are extremely smart also are pretty good with puns. Their sharp minds seem to possess a capability to combine and match words at the right time to make a funny quip or joke.

And while puns are labeled as a coffee sort of humor or maybe as ‘dad jokes’ they’re reliant on analogies and linguistic rhyming, so it actually takes an intelligent person!

They Need Time Alone

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Although some people thrive from being social butterflies, that’s not always the case for people that are extremely smart . In fact, research has shown that the more that uber-smart people socialize, the less happy they report feeling afterward.

One study that followed people between 18 and 28 years old discovered that folks who socialized more reported feeling better… except the subset of subjects within the study who were extremely smart . The study, published within the British Journal of Society, found that “more intelligent individuals experience lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends.”

They’re ready to Delay Gratification:

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There’s a link between intelligence and self-control. Pubmed published the results of a study that had participants choose from two rewards: a smaller one that came immediately or a bigger one that might come at a later date.

The study’s authors report that the people that opted to attend for the larger payoff attended score higher on intelligence tests. These results are likely thanks to the very fact that “delay discounting” may be a process of the part of the brain involved in processing diverse information.

They Sometimes Think They’re Wrong:


Wisdom is defined by some as knowing that you simply do not know tons. it’d sound confusing, but just check out those people that bluster their way through an argument without taking into consideration differing facts or opinions.

As mentioned earlier, people that tend to mention “I think” rather than “I know” are usually pretty smart cookies. They’d usually rather determine what’s actually right instead of trying to prove that they are right.

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