Why a treadmill in the home is the perfect way to exercise

Why a treadmill in the home is the perfect way to exercise

You are in your bedroom getting dressed ready to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Your life has changed immeasurably in the last year having met a woman who has reinstalled your pride and lifted your personal standards to new heights.

Previously, you were happy go lucky, popular with friends and at work, but just drifting by. Your eating habits were on the lazy side, leading to you piling on additional kilos, while your dress sense became shabby. One of the best things about meeting your dream partner was that you wanted to change, with the Horizon Treadmill that you bought for your apartment making a massive difference to your everyday life.

  • You wanted to get fit and get rid of that flab. Regular exercise would help you look better and assist with adding to your new found positive mindset. It would improve your health and wealth, as rather than eat expensive fast food, you began to head to the local market for fruit and vegetables to help your new regime.
  • Yes, gyms were available, but in the past, you had quickly became a lapsed member of a couple that you had joined. There was the inconvenience of travel in both directions and the time that it was taking up. Then inside the gym there were those who messed around on the equipment which made the experience a grind. And you started going for a beer afterwards with a couple of mates who also took up membership, rendering the exercise a waste of time. You knew that hiring a fitness trainer would smash your fitness goals, but you didn’t have the time or inclination.
  • Running has always been your passion, but you were finding the heat and pollution outside too much, so buying your own treadmill in your own private space, where you could set your own temperatures and quality, allowed you to enjoy your hobby properly. The dangers of tripping or being involved in an accident were immediately eradicated, as you no longer had to watch out for people wandering aimlessly out of buildings in front of you, or those who would stop without warning to play on their phones.
  • Buying the treadmill was easy, going through a company that offered a wide choice to suit all budgets, with you purchasing a midrange model that offered you everything that you required. Bluetooth connectivity allowed for you to choose the right music to get you into the mood. There was the right cushioning in the tread, so that you would not suffer damage to your joints, and the powerful motor for when you wanted a hard run was just what you wanted, which was sometimes followed by a trip to the aquatic centre.
  • When you finished, there is the joy of a clean bathroom and shower within metres, with no security issues. You ran whenever you wanted and had fun while waiting for the arrival of your beautiful partner.

The treadmill has been invaluable in allowing you enjoyable exercise 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

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