Depression is a severe mental illness that can be present in anyone. While some will exhibit the symptoms, others may not. It affects people in different ways, as well. The treatment varies depending on the person, as each of them would experience this disorder in their unique way. The effectiveness of each treatment method varies, depending on the person affected, and the doctor they are consulting. Each depression treatment has its advantages and disadvantages; some may be more effective than others.

With so many methods existing, in this article, we aim to show the various ways in which one can treat depression.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the treatment method by which negative, disturbing, or destructive thought patterns or emotions are recognised, challenged, and substituted. This method helps treat depression effectively as it hinders the downward spiral of thoughts that the individual experiences during a depressive episode. CBT helps prevent the downward spiral while also allowing those who are being treated to self-reflect and realise their destructive thought patterns, allowing them to put in the effort to prevent themselves from falling victim to it. Various types of treatment fall under the umbrella of CBT, but they all apply the same general concept of CBT to their method. CBT is usually administered by a professional such as a therapist during regular therapy sessions, as CBT usually takes months to years to take effect fully.


Medication is what comes to most people’s minds when one thinks of how depression and other mental disorders are treated. It is important to remember that the medication administered does not change the brain’s chemistry in any way but instead regulates it. It ensures that the hormone Serotonin remains in optimum levels; a necessity to treat depression. And since serotonin is a chemical that affects mood and other cognitive processes, it helps improve the perspective of the patient. The effectiveness of such drugs is high as many studies have seen that after patients started taking SSRI or other similar drugs, their mood improved significantly, and symptoms of depressions reduced.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Now, this is not as fancy as the others, but it is still an effective way for one to help themselves if they are feeling depressed. Simply exercising regularly and sleeping well will improve the production of things like endorphins in the body which can help enhance the mood of the individual. And while this may not have a notable effect on those with severe depression, it still enables the individual to improve even if only slightly.


As can be seen, there are various ways in which one can treat depression. One can use drugs prescribed by a certified medical professional if they do not mind doing so. Others can use methods like simple regular exercise and proper sleep. The individual can also seek the aid of CBT if they are willing to take time from their personal lives for their treatment or even if they want to self-reflect on their behaviour.

The methods of depression treatment are useful, and one should engage in at least one of them if they think that it can help improve their mental health. The first step is to know when to seek help and understand that one is not alone in their difficult journey.