5 Ways to Use Eggs for Healthier Hair

One of the main things that are inherently connected to the globally dictated beauty standards everyone wants to live up to is long, healthy, voluminous hair. The countless daily stressors we face in our lives have a way of manifesting themselves in our body and reflecting poorly on our hair health. The hair care industry is always overflowing with the latest medications and products you can use to achieve your ideal hair, but you can rest assured that none work as well as natural ingredients, for, e.g., benefits of egg for hair.

Many experts suggest that the benefits of the egg for hair are numerous, and as it is extremely easy to use, it is a necessary addition to your routine if you are experiencing hair problems. Eggs are an easily available ingredient that are packed with essential nutrients and protein. You can take full advantage of the various benefits of the egg for hair by whipping up some easy DIY hair masks to help restore your hair health to its natural glow. Here are five such easy ways to use egg for better hair:

  1. Eggs for Damaged Hair: Damaged hair with problems like split ends and frizz can make your hair look lifeless. You can get rid of this issue with a simple hair mask involving an egg, olive oil, honey and mayonnaise. Mix these ingredients together in a bowl till you get a smooth mixture and apply this on damp hair. You can rinse this off after leaving for 15-20 minutes.
  1. Eggs for Dry Hair: Dry scalp can lead to high hair breakage and dull hair. You can moisturise, deeply nourish and hydrate your hair with an egg, honey and apple cider vinegar mask. Mix these together and apply them to your hair length. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes before rinsing.
  1. Eggs for Hair Fall: Make a hair mask by mixing an egg, curd and lemon juice together. This works best when applied directly to the scalp as curd and egg together are well-known conditioner. You can rinse this off with a gentle shampoo after about an hour. This will strengthen weak hair and also prevent hair fall.
  1. Eggs for Hair Growth: Hair growth can be tricky as it requires deep nourishment of your scalp. An egg, coconut oil and almond oil hair mask will provide just that. Use this mask on your hair and cleanse it off after an hour. This mask will ideally encourage hair regrowth by encouraging cell regeneration.
  1. Eggs for Oil Control: Excess oil can block your pores and cause problems like scalp acne, excessive dirt, etc. Remedy this situation with a mixture of egg whites, honey and olive oil. Mix to obtain a thick mixture, apply and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing. 

It is important to make sure you never rinse your hair with hot water after applying an egg mask, as it can leave a very pungent smell behind. Remember to make the best use of the available eggs in your pantry and improve your hair health! You can learn more about the various benefits of the egg for hair from Traya.

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