15 Amazing Benefit Of Dry Dates

14. Helps In Healthy Weight Gain:

Dates are an excellent food to help you put some extra kilos of weight on the body. This calorie-dense fruit is a storehouse of nutrients such as sugar, protein, and other essential vitamins, which together make it easy to gain weight. Also, dates are low in fat and high in fiber. This means that the extra pounds you gain are healthy.

15. Beneficial For Tooth Decay:

Dates are naturally sweet, which is good for teeth. Well, the good news is, this fruit can do wonders for your teeth. Because dates are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride, they all prevent tooth decay and help keep your teeth healthy. According to the American Dental Association, fluoride binds with calcium and phosphorus on your teeth and forms a protective layer, which is effective in reducing plaque formation and protecting your tooth enamel from being destroyed.

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