15 Amazing Benefit Of Dry Dates

12. Prevents Microbial Infection:

Bacterial infection can sometimes be fatal and can cost a lot in its treatment. In the current medical scenario, almost all microbial infections are treated with the help of antibiotics which is an expensive method of treatment and also carries the risk of side effects. A study using extracts from dates and leaves revealed that it had active resistance against some harmful bacteria.

13. Boost Memory:

As we age, our brain becomes lethargic. As a result, eating a healthy diet and staying fit become more important. Potassium is one of the key ingredients responsible for promoting a healthy and responsive nervous system. It is related to brain signals and oxygen, which helps improve the speed and alertness of brain activity. As a wonderful source of potassium, dates are an excellent food for your brain, especially for older people who want to keep their minds sharp.

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