Choosing a Career in Cloud computing : Top Benefits

Cloud computing is gaining popularity among organisations, and it has shown to be especially useful for bigger enterprises. Cloud computing allows these large companies to access data and software from anywhere at any time. This provides cost-effective solutions that may be scaled to meet the demands of the organisation. Cloud computing experts are likely to be in great demand in order to keep up with the industry’s growth. If you work in IT and want to further your career, a cloud computing-focused position offers many opportunities. In this blog, let me walk you through a few compelling reasons to pursue a career in cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Jobs Have Excess Demand.

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Cloud Computing is one of the most popular technologies which is implemented in various industries. The competent workers of cloud computing are in high demand in the IT industry. An expertise in the cloud computing field has resulted from a more than twice rise in job opportunities and compensation packages. 

Ever since digitalization has become important, companies recognized how crucial cloud computing technologies are. Cloud is very helpful for any company to improve its efficiency while storing their data and software applications safely. This importance of cloud computing has increased the scope for cloud computing professionals. More skillful employees are needed to handle cloud architecture as more businesses embrace it.  Furthermore, Cloud services are expected to increase three times faster than overall IT services through 2022, according to Gartner. So, the demand for cloud jobs is heighting each day. Moreover, Many cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM are providing certificates to help professionals certify their skills to get a job in Cloud domain. To clear these certifications, it is always recommended to take some courses such as the AWS course or other cloud courses and learn the basics.

Cloud Computing Skills Will Become Your Forte.

Working in the Cloud domain requires proficient knowledge in various aspects such as Programming, LINUX, Networking, Cloud Security, Storage, Cloud Providers, Web Services, API, and ML/AI. All these skills have a great impact on your skill set. If you have all these skills, apart from cloud jobs, you can get various job opportunities. These skills will become your strength. So, once you are certified as a cloud professional that means you have knowledge in multiple areas. After a period of time, even if you want to switch your career to any domain, it will be easy for you because you have all the skills.  

Moreover, it is also easy to enter the cloud for any professional who is already in IT. for suppose, a software engineer who has knowledge in Web services and API then they can work on that specific task. Or a professional who is expert in storage servers can also easily enter the cloud domain with additional knowledge. 

Numerous Career Options In Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing style=”font-weight: 400;”> offers numerous career options for a professional to choose their specific area to work on. Those who have the ability to thrive in cloud computing will have a lot of opportunities. This is one of the advantages of choosing a career in cloud computing. Here are the top careers in cloud computing.  

  1. Cloud Developer: Cloud Developers primary role is to develop applications that run over the cloud.
  2. Cloud Architect: A cloud architect creates and maintains the cloud computing architecture that all organisations require in order to be flexible and adaptable.
  3. Cloud Consultant: Clients are assisted by a cloud consultant who develops a solution for migration and optimal use of Cloud Computing services.
  4. Cloud Engineer: IT experts who develop, build, and maintain cloud-based solutions for organisations are known as cloud engineers.
  5. Cloud Security Analyst: Cloud Security Analyst guarantees that current secure settings on the cloud are always available. They are responsible for managing all the security applications and resolving the security issues. 
  6. Cloud Software Engineer: Cloud software engineers are in charge of monitoring the creation of these systems, as well as maintaining and guaranteeing their correct operation.
  7. Cloud Database Administrator: Database administrators maintain and manage data such as financial data and customer shipment records using specialist software.

Cloud Computing Jobs are Stable.

The cloud isn’t going anywhere. This is one of the perks of a career in cloud computing. Cloud services are used by both large and small businesses to obtain the software they require. Seeing its widening popularity, we can understand how crucial cloud technology is. This implies the demand for cloud jobs. As every company needs professionals to work with cloud, the jobs become decisive. So you will get job security in the cloud domain.

Decent Salaries for Cloud Experts.

As cloud is one of the hottest technologies, cloud computing jobs pay well for professionals in it. Take a look at the average salary trends of jobs in cloud computing according to Pay Scale.

  1. Cloud Developer: $119,464 
  2. Cloud Architect: $128,418.
  3. Cloud Consultant: $120,304.
  4. Cloud Engineer: $119,464 
  5. Cloud Security Analyst: $76,486 
  6. Cloud Software Engineer: $99,610.
  7. Cloud Database Administrator: $90,008.

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