Best Free Online OCR Tools for Extracting Text from Image

3 Best Online OCR Tools To Extract Text From Images

If you are looking for the best optical character recognition tools on the web, then you are simply in the right place, and today we are going to help you know about the top best tools on the web and their details after complete tests and experience. To know about the tools, it is important that you also know about the use of the image to text converter tools and their need. Keep reading this four-minute article in detail till the very end so that you can know how to convert the images into textual formats in the right way.

The use of ocr online tools!

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You must be wondering why we need an online image to text converter tools to extract text from images and what kind of text is there that needs to be converted by you. Here we have gathered some important reasons why the use of the ocr online or image to text converter tools is most important these days.

Extracting text from books and notes!

Image to text converter tools can easily convert and extract text from notes and books that are scanned by your scanner or pictures taken by you professionally or personally. In this era of modern technology, you should see for yourself that people are more interested in reading and studying on digital platforms, and this can easily be done and catered with the help of online ocr tools. With the help of these tools and tech, you can easily help yourself in the conversion of these scanned docs within less than a few seconds.

Also, you guys should know that if you are given an assignment in which you have to quote and add citations from an already published work, then you should be very clear that manual retyping is not always the best solution, and it requires a lot of work. The ocr online tool, on the other hand, can help you with this issue in a blink of an eye.

English language conversion!

Now there are many interesting pictures all around the world that you see but don’t understand as some of them are in different languages and some are even written in signatures, the advanced image to text converter or ocr online tools are the ones that can help you in getting rid of this problem and can convert images into text in English languages. This is one of the most important needs and use of the new ocr technology.

Free of cost services!

The most important need of the tool relative to ocr is that they are free and can save for you a lot of time in manual extracting or retyping of text, and that is why this tool is more appreciated all around the world. Manual conversion, especially in bulk, can be very time-taking and difficult, it can directly affect your workplace productivity and efficiency, and that is why you should go with online ocr services.

Image to text converter by Small SEO Tools!

In this age of web and technology, there are more than hundreds of free and paid services for online conversions, but you should know that there are only a few platforms that provide quality assured and accurate services, and the small seo tools are one of the best platforms in this regard. We want you guys to use the image to text converter tool  by SST as it is the easiest tool to use on the web and you can simply understand it’s working by simply going to

Now the tool has many features that you should know about for sure!

  • The tool is free, and with this ocr online tool, you are allowed unlimited uploading and conversion of images.
  • The tool does not require any formalities or registries for free services.
  • The tool keeps your input data safe and secure.
  • The tool understands different languages and also mathematical equations.
  • You can download the converted text file, or you can also copy the text to your clipboard!

Image to text converter by the SER!

The search engine reports are also one of the reputed platforms that you can use for a free image to text conversion, and this tool is also very easy to operate and allows you to convert as many images as you want to in a day. Below are some reasons that will tell you why you should use this ocr online by SER!

  • It can convert images into editable text within seconds.
  • The tool does not require any installations or registrations.
  • The tool supports low-resolution image conversion.
  • The tool can work on poorly scanned pictures.
  • The tool can save you time and money for retyping!
  • It is compatible with both devices, and you can convert images on your smartphone as well!

Image To Text Converter By prepostseo

Prepostseo is an eminent name in copyright infringement indicators, however, it has an underestimated feature also. This platform additionally offers an image to text converter. With an inherent OCR online tool, the product produces mind-blowing results. Prepostseo accompanies a simple to-utilize UI, making the change of image to text an easy cycle. Working on a similar premise as Google’s OCR, it ensures precise outcomes.

As checked by us, the change over text is readable and precisely shown. Just upload a file from the cloud; Dropbox or Google Drive, and convert as many images into text inside a glimmer of an eye by utilizing this online tool:

  • This image to-text converter is most popular to separate text from low-goal pictures.
  • It is free of cost tool so you can utilize it whenever to remove images.
  • You can separate mathematical problems from your tasks with this OCR tool.
  • You can utilize this tool with various language texts moreover.

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