Save Yourself Space and Money by Selling Your Old Phone

Life changes dramatically and so does technology. All our latest gadgets turn old-fashioned as soon as the newer technology advances leaving behind one more piece of junk occupying our drawer space. If you too have got old phones licking dust in a drawer, you are certainly not alone.

Rather than throwing them into the dustbin to save space in your drawer, you can easily sell your old phone online to make some extra money. Every year millions of phones end up in junk heaps adding more e-waste to trouble earth. High time, we understand our tech responsibility to dispose or repurpose these old phones responsibly.

By selling your old phone you can save yourself space while earning a good chunk for otherwise useless products. Sounds fair, but selling your old phone is more rewarding than it seems. When you sell your old smartphone it doesn’t end up in landfills, but is repurposed or recycled in an eco-friendly way to reduce carbon footprint, pollution and global warming.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Phones Now

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You might be selling an old phone to save yourself some space, or to make money from a piece of junk, the reason could be any but you need to understand the available options and benefits.

Your drawer is not a garbage bin:

You are having a dozen of old phones that you have used in the last decade, you bought them for a hefty sum of money and you feel attached to some because you have spent a lot of time with them. But the truth is you just stored them in a drawer and never looked back.

The things you once felt attached to don’t even matter to you now. It is time to sell these old phones to make space in your drawers, chests and almirahs because no one throws garbage in them. And yes, you are not just disposing of these old phones but also making some value of them.

Cuz you can make money doing nothing:

If it’s an older phone you’re no longer using it even if it has some life in it. You cannot use it because it got old-fashioned or its technology has become obsolete now.  Your old phone becomes irrelevant as soon as the newer generation of technology is launched in the market. The urge of unboxing and turning a new phone on isn’t cheap. So, it’s a good idea to sell your old phones as a part of your upgrading habit.

Have you kept your old phone in a case since day one? You can expect a good value for it, but even if your phone is completely dead you can sell it. The question is what your phone’s worth is?

Figuring out the actual value of your old device is one of the most important parts of selling old phones. The value of an old device depends on many factors like the phone’s current situation, technology, hardware used, brand value, supply and demand etc.

For instance you can sell your old phone with us which are safe, convenient, and offers you the best value for money. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to register and choose your phone model on the website. We will pick the device up from your home and the best value for your device will be added to your bank account at the minute of pick up.

Cuz disposing the old makes way for new:

You might be wondering what to do with your old phone which is completely dead. Well, you can sell your old phone even if it is lifeless. Even a dead phone has potential to help manufacturers in the making of new electronic devices. And if thrown in a landfill, it poses a threat to contaminate your air, water, soil and even the food.

India is estimated to generate around 5 million tonnes of e-waste which is third in the world after China and the US. Managing this large chunk of e-waste has become a serious problem as the components of electronic gadgets, old phones are generally toxic in nature and are contaminating soil, water and air with liquid, solid and gaseous toxins.

An ordinary circuit board from a mobile or laptop contains roughly 16 different metals like copper, lead, gold, etc. When you sell your old phone to a recycling company or exchange it with a smartphone maker all these components are extracted from the phone and are then used again for manufacturing new devices. If the phone is in working condition, the maker can retouch and refurbish it to sell it again. Either way you will be contributing in making the best out of waste, reducing carbon footprint and global warming.

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