3 Security Services that are Significant For Your Gold Coast Property

The Gold Coast is a city that is geographically located on Australia’s eastern coast in the state of Queensland. It is approximately 66 kilometres south of Brisbane and north of the border with the state of New South Wales. It is Australia’s sixth-largest city and the second-largest city in Queensland with a total land area of approximately 1,334 square kilometres.

Gold Coast is one of the most populated cities in the country with  around 679,000inhabitants. Due to Gold Coast’ great tourism industry, millions of domestic and international tourists flock the city.

Unfortunately, this increase in the city’s population poses a risk to the safety and security of dwelling and commercial establishments. If you happen to be a property owner in Gold Coast, you should consider hiring a gold coast security company.

Security Guard Services

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According to statistics by Numbeo, crime rates has been steadily increasing in the Gold Coast for the past three years, bringing the level of crime in the city to a moderate level. This confirms reports that malicious individuals or groups are present in the city, which means your property is not safe without the proper security measures.

If you are worried about your property’s safety, acquiring guard services from a security company should be your priority. By this way, you will have a team of security professionals that will become a visual deterrent for criminals and ill-motivated individuals.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Installation

According to reports, vandalism is one of the most rampant illegal activities that occur in the Gold Coast, which have cost business owners millions of dollars in damages. If you don’t take any measures to prevent vandalism, you will most likely spend an excessive amount of money for renovation and suffer downtime costs.

Fortunately, hiring a gold coast security company that provides CCTV installation offers a solution to this predicament. When you have CCTVs installed in your property, you will have greater coverage and security for your establishment that will deter even the most determined criminals. Thus, preventing the vandalism of your property.

Installation of Residential or Commercial Alarm Systems

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of violent crimes, such as assault and armed robbery, have increased in Gold Coast. And according to reports, 2 out of 100 Gold Coast homes have experienced break-ins in the past year while 20% of households have experienced a burglary at some point.

Fortunately, hiring a security company provides a solution to this problem. A security company can provide your residential or commercial property with alarm systems that can uphold safety. Whenever break-ins occur, and alarm systems are triggered, dispatch security personnel will immediately cater to your needs.


Security companies play an essential role in preventing crime and providing a safe environment for residential and commercial properties. By hiring a security company, you rest assured that there will be capable persons who can take disciplinary actions against violators when a crime is committed on your property.

If you are a responsible property owner, you would not hesitate in hiring a security company to keep your business or loved ones safe. Check out a reputable security company today, and experience the benefits and advantages of having their services.

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