Why you should meditate? 5 Benefits explained

Have you already heard of meditation? Wondering how to do it? Well this guide will give you overall ideas of meditating. You will have broader view and complete bird’s eye view of what meditation is all about. Meditation is an ancient art that dates back to centuries. People have used it as means to achieve clarity of mind and inner peace. Meditation is considered a medicine that can give you a deep state of relaxation and a calm mind.

There are mainly two types of meditation: One is focusing on a single point where one uses several methods of prayers like reciting mantras or chanting certain prayers they are committed to. And second one is mindfulness meditation, in which one practices to simply observe your thoughts and feeling without judging it. Mindfulness meditation is very helpful for clearing your mind and becoming a better person.

How to do mindfulness meditation?

In mindfulness meditation, you start by focusing on your breathing. When you breathe in your abdomen will expand and when you breathe out your abdomen will shrink.  Repeat this process without any fear and worries. Just be in present moment and when your mind dwells away in thoughts realize that you are drifting away from concentration and try to not further dwell in it. This way your mind will automatically come back to track in focusing on your breathing. Watch what kinds of thoughts and feelings you mostly dwell in. These various thoughts are just like wind they come they go. If it is fear just realize it is fear and not react to it. Always trust that whatever the feelings they come and they go away. They do not stay because nothing is permanent. Take everything objectively and you should be fine. This way you go stronger and your mind becomes more clear and peaceful.

When you meditate it helps to sit comfortably, close your eyes, or choose a quiet spot. Try filling your place with Buddhist gifts such as, incense, prayer wheels, a Buddha statue, or a singing bowl. You can get them online from an artisan group like Shakya Handicraft to create spiritual environment.

Start slow and build up from there like at the beginning you can meditate for 5 mins and once you are more used to it increase your time up to 1 hour at a time.

5 Benefits of meditation

  1. Reduced Stress and anxiety

    Cortisol is a stress hormone that your body produces when you’re stressed out. Mindfulness meditation helps you to manage your stress level by reducing cortisol and improving your overall well-being. When stress is reduced your mind becomes much more calm which helps in managing your anxiety problems as well.

  2. Improved focus to be in present situation

    Meditation helps you to concentrate. It increases your capability to focus more for longer period of time. The more you meditate, the better you get at it and stay in present tense.

  3. Improved Sleep
    Excess stress interrupts healthy sleep. Since meditation helps halt a cortisol dump, it can also keep stress from disturbing our rest. Anxiety as well can contribute to someone’s quality of rest, so meditation will have an all-around positive effect on the depth of our sleep.

    Meditation isn’t hard to practice in small doses. If you commit to a little bit each day, and slowly work your way from there, you’ll soon be experiencing the many benefits of meditation.

  4. Increase tolerance and patience.

    By meditating you also focus on removing negative energy. With more positive energy your tolerance level increases and you become more patient and mature person. With this maturity you can solve problem with cool analysis and mature thoughts.

  5. Be more healthier and younger.

    Meditation can act as anti aging treatment. With healthier mind and body you dwell most of the time in positive environment. Your cells should be happy and reenergized which make you feel and actually make younger. Because, science. Scientific study has shown that meditation diminishes age-related brain deterioration.

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