Top 3 Languages Covered in Microsoft 98-375 Certification Exam

Top 3 Languages Covered in Microsoft 98-375 Certification Exam

Are you a newbie developer in need of career growth? Why not aim for the Microsoft 98-375 exam and earn the MTA: Certbolt Microsoft AZ104 certification? This specific path is catered to professionals who want to be adept at developing applications through the industry’s leading tech languages. To further expound, below are the major focus of the exam:

  • HTML5

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As the standard markup language used for web pages, having a thorough background in HTML5 is truly valuable to your career. This language is widely used by professionals around the world because of its amazing features that generate better static and dynamic websites. Introduced in 2014, this latest version is continuously upgraded to keep up with the needs of businesses and organizations.

One of the most Certbolt Microsoft AZ500 that make this language very well-known is the fact that it offers a much cleaner markup. With the improved feature, this enables developers to create neater code without tags. It also takes pride in providing elegant forms with various types of searches, inputs, and fields, depending on your preference. Other key mechanisms that add up to its popularity are the consistency in coding, extensive media elements, and offline application cache.

  • CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or commonly known as Certbolt Microsoft AZ900  is another sought-after option among developers. This credible style sheet language is primarily used to generate the presentation of documents, focusing on how the HMTL elements are displayed on the screen or on paper. It is much more straightforward because it is relatively designed to simplify the manner of making the web page more presentable. More so, it can easily manage the layout of different pages at once.

To do these tasks, CSS uses structural elements such as style sheets, binding, and attribute-value pairs. Likewise, there are three major CSS types that you can choose from ― inline, internal, and external. And generally, the style definitions are saved in .css files.

  • JavaScript

The final language underlined in the exam is Certbolt Microsoft MD100 , which is dubbed to be the most in-demand programming language to date. Used by millions of programmers and developers, JavaScript is extensively recognized for its light-weighted element that allows easy integration with other frameworks. On top of that, this client-side programming language helps in creating interactive and dynamic web applications and browsers.

Another reason why JavaScript is so prominent in application development is that it caters to a variety of users. With just a browser to kick off your programming, you won’t need an environmental setup. Aside from being a developer-friendly language, it also comes with a modern framework for better optimization and better performance.


Now that you have a grasp of the languages covered by Certbolt , are you ready to pursue this illustrious technical path and make your mark in application development? Chasing this exam may be a challenging feat but all your sacrifices will soon pay off once you acquire the MTA certification. So, get started with your learning journey and equip yourself with a solid command of the fundamentals of HTML5, Certbolt Microsoft AZ400 , and JavaScript.

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