Linzess Is Not Working: Common Causes and What to Do Next

The core of your health begins with your stomach; despite that fact, 66 percent of people in the United States have poor gut health. Stomach issues can include irritable bowel syndrome, microscopic colitis, and severe constipation. If you’re concerned about your gut health, visiting a doctor for an analysis is best.

One of the top medications doctors recommend for motility disorders is Linzess. It’s a drug designed to help individuals suffering from recurring constipation. Though effective for many patients, you may find that Linzess is not working as advertised for your health.

Knowing how to proceed is challenging when your health and lifestyle are on the line. Fortunately, you’ve discovered the best guide to learning more about the side effects of Linzess and the reasons why Linzess fails.

Continue reading to solve your digestive disorders and discover the best treatment options for your health today!

What Is Linzess?

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Linzess is a prescription drug prescribed for patients suffering from constipation. The medication works by interacting with and activating guanylate cyclase in your gut. Taking the medication triggers the production of bicarbonate ions and chloride.

Your body will produce more water when taking Linzess. The water softens the stool stuck in your intestines, making defecation straightforward. It’s also a fantastic medication for gut contractions to help stool move through your body.

Reasons Linzess Is Not Working

There are several reasons why Linzess is not working for your body and health. Linzess failure is a real threat, and diving into the possibilities helps you explore solutions to resolve your digestive disorders. Here’s a closer look at some of the top reasons your Linzess prescription isn’t working.

Incorrect Purpose

One of the top reasons Linzess isn’t working with your body is that you use it for the wrong reasons. You must be clear about the conditions Linzess treats. The two digestive disorders it’s approved for are IBS and idiopathic constipation.

If you’re taking Linzess to treat other disorders beyond those, you’re misusing it. Some individuals use it to treat opioid-related constipation. It won’t produce the desired results if your purpose exceeds those listed.

Avoid taking Linzess as a weight-loss drug or supplement. The Linzess side effects are unknown for weight loss purposes. It’s best to use the medication as designed to prevent a dangerous health situation.

Irregular Use

Another reason your Linzess prescription isn’t working is because you take it irregularly. It’s best to take the medication once daily for an extended period to see the desired results. Giving up and then trying again will not allow the medicine to work as designed for your gut health.

Missing doses will result in less-than-stellar results. Set reminders on your phone to stay consistent with your dosage for the best results. You’ll get more value for the linzess cost.

Incorrect Consumption

To achieve the desired results from your prescription, it’s best to take Linzess on an empty stomach 30 minutes before your first meal. Avoid taking your medication at night, as it won’t work as designed to provide relief from your digestive disorders. Taking your meds at night can make your symptoms worse.

Taking Linzess at night and on a full stomach produces more water. The influx of water in your stomach results in bloating, abdominal pain, and gas.

It’s also vital to consider your consumption method. Taking your pills at the correct time is terrific, but you must take them with plain water to get the best results. If you don’t like capsules or tablets, mix the contents with applesauce in the morning.

Improper storage is another factor to consider if you’re not achieving the desired results with your Linzess prescription. Store the pills at room temperature in the provided bottle. Consider your dosage, and consult your doctor if your Linzess is not working.

Just Started Taking Linzess

Instant gratification will set you up for disappointment when beginning a Linzess prescription. Patience is vital; you must remain consistent to see results with your motility disorders. The medication is not a laxative, and you won’t experience an immediate difference in your condition.

Don’t expect Linzess to provide immediate relief from constipation. Give your prescription a week and see if you notice a significant difference when your body digests food. Patience is key when helping your body recover from digestive disorders.

Not Drinking Enough Water

One of the top reasons why Linzess fails is that the patient doesn’t drink enough water daily. You must drink seven to eight glasses of water daily to get the results you crave from your medication. The medication requires water to activate and help you overcome your constipation symptoms.

If your pills aren’t working, try increasing your daily water intake. Monitor your progress for the next week and determine if your symptoms are better. Talk with your doctor if you don’t see a change in your health.

How to Make Linzess Effective

Now that you know the reasons why your Linzess is not working, it’s worthwhile to learn about the tips you can use to get the best value from your prescription. Drinking more water is an excellent solution if constipation is ruling your life.

It’s also wise to check the bottle for storage instructions. Proper storage is necessary for the Linzess to activate in your gut and soften your stool.

You can also combine your prescription with other activities known to help with constipation. Physical activity and dietary changes are excellent complements to your Linzess prescription. Speak with your doctor about the lifestyle changes you can make to overcome your digestive disorders and live an active lifestyle again.

Consider Linzess for Your Health Today

Working with your doctor to get a Linzess prescription is a wise move if you’re ready to move past your digestive disorders and regain your previous life. You may wonder if Linzess is not working, and it’s best to examine how and when you’re taking your medication. Drink plenty of water, and pair your Linzess with physical activity and a healthy diet to see impressive results.

You can’t put a price on your health and wellness, and maintaining them starts with research and education. Explore our Health blog articles for the best tips and pointers for mental and physical wellness today!

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