How a Businesswoman Dresses for Success

How a Businesswoman Dresses for Success

If you are a determined entrepreneur and a supermom too, we take our hats off to you! Managing a family and a career is always a juggling game and with so much to do, looking good can be an issue. You can’t shine in the meeting room if you are not dressed professionally, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to make sure that your team are impressed with your attire.

    • A hint of expensive perfume– Chanel is a bit ordinary, try to find a scent from a lesser-known manufacturer and no more than a whisp. Keep some at work, just in case. Too much is disastrous, you are not on a sleazy pub crawl with friends!
    • Crisp, white button-down shirt – This oozes professionalism and attention to detail is the key; wear cufflinks, but nothing too shiny. White is a clean, crisp colour and it works in a business environment.
    • Wear comfortable shoes – Comfort is more important than looks, especially when you are on the move constantly, formal meetings demand black high heels, or semi at least.
    • Luxury watch – If you have a lady’s Rolex, this is the perfect accessory and time is, of course, paramount. We have our smartphone for accurate time, but the watch is an essential accessory.
  • Minimalise jewellery – Business meetings are not the place for showy jewellery; you want to show that you mean business and your accessories should never be loud. Avoid bracelets and stud earrings are ideal. A professional-looking woman never wears more than 2-3 items of jewellery, this should be a golden rule.
  • Tights-stockings – If you have waxed legs and have shapely pins, you can get away without tights or stockings, but most of us don’t fall into that category. Of course, ladders are a no-no. Here are a few trendy haircuts that might suit you.
  • Hairdo – Keep the hair conservative, unless you happen to work in a tech environment where anything goes. Make an extra effort for external meetings; check your hair before connecting to Zoom meetings.
  • Accessories – Of course, you have a chic briefcase, which holds your tablet or laptop and smartphone. Leather smartphone cases ooze professionalism, while era buds are perfect for communicating on the move.

Aside from day-to-day wear, when you are attending a business meeting, (virtual or face-to-face) make an extra effort to ensure you look the part. It is vital that you feel good about what you are wearing, especially when speaking at public events, attention to detail is important; carry a small make-up bag in the car with some wipes and you can touch up before a meeting.

If you are an expat living and working in Thailand, dress code is especially important in business; search online for dos and don’ts in business etiquette and this will help you gain an insight into Thai culture.

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