Things to consider before hiring a real estate sponsor

Things to consider before hiring a real estate sponsor

A real estate sponsor is a type of business or an individual who will help finance the purchase of a property and be able to bring invaluable resources such as financing, referrals, hands-on experience, and acquisitions. Some people may find it challenging to use a sponsor in real estate because they are unfamiliar with the process or fear losing their savings. Often people only know they need a professional once they’ve found themselves at the point where it’s too late to save up enough money on their own. When hiring someone, consider these points before making your decision.

Knowledge of the real estate industry

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A real estate sponsor must be knowledgeable about the market and be able to discern whether a deal is viable or not. It’s important to ensure that your sponsor is an industry expert who can keep you updated on trends and market conditions. You want to take advantage of opportunities for buying or selling because your sponsor wasn’t aware of recent changes in the value of a home.

Experience in the financing, referral, and property acquisition

Your real estate sponsor must bring valuable resources such as financing, agent to agent referral, and hands-on acquisition experience so that you can benefit from it all. It’s also important that they have access to the type of resources you need to complete a transaction.

Financial resources

This is often the biggest question in the early stages of considering real estate sponsors. It’s important to understand that your sponsor will be spending money on your behalf, and it’s best to make sure they have the financial resources available to complete any transaction. In some cases, a sponsor may be able to cover a portion of the down payment or purchase price and put up some of their own money for other costs related to closing. You must make sure your sponsor has enough cash available for a down payment but, at most, half the purchase price; otherwise, it could cause problems in financing.

Your company’s financial plan

The right real estate sponsor will have a grasp of your company’s financial situation and will know your business’s attitude towards fixed assets and the likelihood that it will be sold or liquidated shortly. Before hiring a sponsor, it will be important for you to establish your budget, check with your accountant, and think ahead about what you’d like to do with any proceeds from a transaction.

Your business’s goals and expectations

The right kind of sponsor in real estate insight into your industry. It will help give your company more knowledge and exposure to the field, which could lead to new customers or repeat clients. By using an experienced real estate broker, you’ll be able to diversify your client base, gain experience, get exposed to different products, and keep up-to-date on opportunities for your business to be successful.


It’s important to understand that you don’t just need a sponsor; you also need a partner. A good real estate sponsor will share their knowledge and experience with you to help you build the business you want and achieve your goals for the future.

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