Have Smartphones destroyed a Generation?

Smartphones Destroyed a Generation

Smartphones Destroyed a Generation

Smartphones Destroyed a Generation :-

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 The present generation has been the generation of technology. From the beginning of the 21st century, the boom in the world of Wireless technology has presented us with many sophisticated gadgets.

Have Smartphones Destroyed the Generation of Millennials? Did their hubris (think Zuckerberg) and insatiable hunger for information, media, and technology lead them to destroy our future with theirs? Did they make us a generation of whiners? Is there something in the air?

So, how do we solve this problem and turn our children (and our children’s children) around? What do we want to say to them? Do we want to spend every waking moment telling them that it is OK to be smart? Are we going to tell them that being smart is a good thing? How will we learn to appreciate being smart? What can we do to fix the problem?

Or, maybe we can take a page from Dr. Seuss and simply show them how smart phones are ruining the generation of millennials. Give them examples of the amazing innovations that have been done by smart phones, from Web surfing, to video games, to texting, to twittering, to searching for data online, to the incredibly hard thing to quantify, that is the newest invention in the world, to date: the written word. In short, kids can do things with Smartphones that they never thought they could. Show them a new way to learn, be smart or be creative.

From waking up from sleep to going to bed, we are always surrounded by technology. Among all other technological gadgets, smartphones stand apart as one of the most used devices.

Cell phone technology has brought the entire world to our doorstep. It has solved the problem of communication. By dialing a series of numbers, a person can easily connect to another person even if the other one is all the way in the world.

As a coin has both sides, technology also has adverse effects along with the positive ones. A demographer and author Jean Twenge has found some series of troubling dots between social media and teen depression. In his article in the Atlantic, he has raised the question: “Have smartphones destroyed a generation?”
Already media and experts have started speculating about this issue. From our point of view let us see how smartphones have affected our present generation.

Let’s start with the good side

Smartphones play a significant role in communication. Be it with friends, family, colleagues, relatives or teachers. Smartphones ease the mode of communication.

The instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat helps people from all over the world to communicate quickly and easily.

Apart from this, smartphones can be an excellent source of entertainment and fun. From listening to music and watching movies and videos to endless gaming apps provide countless hours of recreation.

One of the most excellent help that the smartphone has done is that it has widened the scope of knowledge and has brought us to the world of uncountable books and thesis.

Through the online medium, students can get access to various kinds of books and magazines. Apart from that, they can keep themselves updated with all the current events happening all over the world. Sites like Google, Wikipedia, Quizlet, Edline and Dictionary.com helps students to work from anywhere and can provide useful information related to their studies.

Moreover, students can use their smartphones to click pictures or record videos of the ongoing lectures in the classroom. This decreases the hectic of missing relevant information during the conference.

Along with that, teachers have discovered that the invention of some smart apps has helped them to teach difficult subjects like maths and science to their students quite easily.

Now let’s discuss the bad side “Smartphones Destroyed a Generation”

The impact of Smartphones Destroyed a Generation on today’s generation is astronomical. Though smartphones have been helping today’s generation in many ways, it might be safe to say that the smartphones have also destroyed a generation.

• Lack of personal communication

Smartphones have solved the problem of indirect connection but have increased the issue of personal contact.
Nowadays people have become so engrossed in the world of smartphone that they do not feel necessary to communicate face-to-face. Interaction in social media has taken the place of physical interaction.

• Teen tendonitis

Smartphones Destroyed a Generation by bringing in physical disorders and deformities. Due to the smartphones, teenagers have become entirely addicted to texting. This excessive obsession has led to teen tendonitis. Due to this disease, a person can experience extreme amount of pain in the hands, back and neck due to the poor posture maintained while texting. This disease can later take the form of arthritis in the future. Moreover, the radiation from the light of the smartphones can lead to the decreases in the vision of a person and can in future lead to blindness.

• Loss of sleep

Due to excessive use of smartphones, the present generation suffers from the problem of insomnia. The light from the smartphone keeps the brain cells vigilant and restricts the person from sleeping.Apart from that, most of the time they remain active on the social media platform or have to respond to calls and texts. They feel pressurized to stay reachable around the clock. Loss of sleep can cause irritation, lack of concentration and drowsiness in the teens.

• Stress, anxiety and cybercrime

Teenagers who spend most of the time with smartphones are more prone to stress and fatigue. This is because spending time on a smartphone is unproductive which leads to rush in completing the routine task. Texting through the smartphone can produce anxiety. This is because an instant reply can keep the conversation going and a feeling of joy. But a delay in replying will cause anxiety and disappointment. Through the smartphone teenagers distribute many pictures and videos. Sometimes these pictures or videos are too private or sometimes it is sent to a wrong person.  This can lead to cyberbullying or blackmails. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of suicides among teenagers due to cybercrime.

• Rise in accidents

Teenagers are more likely to respond to calls or texts while driving rather than adults. They talk or text while driving without realizing that this can cost their lives. Moreover, the use of headphones while driving, crossing roads or railway gates can make people careless and can lead to accidents.

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