How to Make a Funeral More Affordable

Nothing in life is as certain as death and one day we will all need a funeral. Unfortunately, funerals are one of those aspects of life that can be incredibly expensive, so we recommend planning ahead to find ways to reduce these costs where possible. Now, some people feel that a cheaper funeral is disrespectful. In contrast, others see a lavish funeral as wasteful. So it is down to personal preference and beliefs on managing any life event, including your or your loved ones’ send-off.

The average price of a send-off is estimated at £4,056 for a simple funeral up to £8,864 according to insurer Sunlife. Then, of course, for those who want something lavish and over the top, it can be far more. These costs can be crippling, so it’s hardly a surprise that people seek ways to reduce this to be more manageable. We have made a list below to help with cost-cutting ideas, either for organising your own funeral ahead of time or for a loved one to ease the burden that often comes at such a difficult time.

Funeral Cost Reduction Tips

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Direct Cremation is the Cheapest Option

A Direct Cremation covers all legal bases while delivering it at the lowest cost choice available – this really is a no-frills approach to a funeral. This option means the cremation occurs as soon as possible after death. They are sent off in a simple coffin without a service or mourners, and those omissions save thousands of pounds. This option has become increasingly popular since David Bowie’s high-profile low-key cremation.

Hold the Celebration or Wake at Home

Venue hire can be a significant cost for a funeral budget, so save money by having your commemorative celebration or wake at home. Perhaps it could be in the garden or a comfortable lounge room. Either way, this intimate and personalised approach in a familiar environment can add solace to proceedings. 

Eliminate Catering

Asking people to bring sharing plates is a great option for a wake or celebration. This both saves on catering costs and shares the preparation workload. 

Select a Cost-effective Coffin

Coffins can be a costly part of a funeral, with traditional caskets running into thousands of pounds. However, other options, including plywood and even cardboard, can work for cremation or burial.

Don’t Embalm

Embalming may be a traditional funeral element, but it is another non-essential. Opting out of this tradition saves money.

Cut the Flowers

Floral displays are beautiful but add up to an unnecessary expense. Many people nowadays will even request donations to a charity in their memory instead of people sending a condolence bouquet. 

County Funerals is Here to Help

Whether you want a Direct or Simple Funeral, or something else that is unique and personalised, County Funerals can help. We offer peace of mind and handle every aspect with respect. Our transparent funeral price list is available for more information or reach out to our experienced funeral directors, who are contactable here.

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