How Random Video Chatting Encourages Your Creative Side

What comes to mind when someone says “random video chatting”? Chances are, it’s exactly what the name says – video chatting with random people. While this is a pretty adequate description, it does leave out part of the picture. Specifically, the part where your random chat experience could actually bring out your creativity. And the best part? You won’t even have to do anything special. As long as you have an open mind with whatever you’re chatting about, it pretty much just happens!

Chat sites like Camgo are a perfect example of this. While you can find plenty of fun features that’ll make your experience feel unique, it certainly isn’t geared towards inspiring creativity; it’s all about interacting with strangers and making friends. Even so, you’ll probably find the creative side of your brain buzzing with ideas after talking with the right chat partners. So what exactly would this look like? Just keep reading to find out!

Get inspiration from your chat partners

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Whether we’re surfing Pinterest for DIY nightstand designs, or scouring the internet for birthday cake ideas for Dallas Cowboys fans, we all need inspiration sometimes. Even if you’re working on something entirely from scratch, maybe you need a little help for certain details. Sometimes, it’s just that you’re stuck, and you could use a helping hand to get you back on track.

Whatever the case, random video chatting is an infinite source of outside opinions. You could get input on your designs, advice for how to round out a certain style, or even handy tips and tricks that simply make things go more smoothly. You won’t necessarily use every bit of advice you get, but that’s how video chatting works – it’s like a treasure hunt for the right feedback.

You could be wondering, “how can I call something my design if parts of it come from other people?”. That’s a valid question, but maybe it’ll help to look at it from a broader perspective. When any given Renaissance painter was doing his thing, was he concerned that the folds in his characters’ robes looked awfully similar to a rival painter’s? Probably not – he was busy expressing his ideas, with his designs, colors, and materials. The point is, there’s always going to be some overlap between your designs and someone else’s, whether you do it consciously or not. But if doing it consciously can make your life easier, you might as well go for it, right?

Hone your troubleshooting skills

Speaking of projects that aren’t going perfectly, there’s another way you can benefit from asking your fellow random chatters for feedback. Some people will be able to offer concrete advice, but a lot of them will simply give their thoughts and opinions on the matter – and you can use that too.

Say you’re working on a set of shelves, and you want the frame to look special. You have a design drawn up already, but you aren’t sure if it’s what you want. After talking with a few people online, you realize that your current design would probably end up looking a cartoon version of what you actually had in mind. With a few revisions (and more confidence than before), you can move forward with your plans.

What happens the next time you run into the same problem? You could return to the video chats – or you could repeat the process on your own. If you practice seeing your own stuff from someone else’s perspective, you’ll have an easier time criticizing or correcting anything that isn’t quite right. Sometimes all you really need is to take a step back and admit that something’s off; you can use video chats to help you do it, or you could do it yourself after a bit of practice.

Develop your critical thinking skills

You know how satisfying it is to not only think you’re right, but know you’re right? It’s the knowledge that you’ve thought through everything you’re saying, and you’re pretty sure that your arguments are basically bulletproof.

Or are they? Test them out with your chat partners, and your viewpoints will really be put to the test. It’s one thing for you to find weak points in your own opinions; just wait until all the random chatters have a go at them!

The most constructive approach would be to make this happen intentionally. Rather than just throwing your opinions out there and hoping someone starts arguing with you, think of it as an opportunity to debate. Ask your chat partners if they’d be interested in talking about a specific topic with you; this way they won’t feel ambushed, and get defensive. This will set the stage for a more coherent interaction, rather than an internet cat-fight.

Approach friendships with a new perspective

Creativity applies to more than just arts and crafts; it can also help you think outside the box in other situations. Take friendship, for example. Have you ever made assumptions about people, such as assuming that they aren’t really friend material? Going with your gut is usually a good idea, but sometimes you can make a bad call simply because you don’t have all the data.

This scenario comes up all the time when you’re random video chatting; in fact, it happens every time you’re matched with a new chat partner. Someone else comes onto your screen, and you have to decide whether or not they look interesting to talk to. If you give some people a chance, you could be pleasantly surprised by them. The real-life connection comes in when you realize that if this can happen with your online interactions, it can happen in person too.

How will random video chatting boost your creativity?

Everybody has their own experience with random chatting, so there’s really no telling what yours could be like. It’ll probably include some new friends, a couple of oddballs, and a few shady characters as well, but that’s to be expected. As long as you’re having fun, the other benefits are sure to follow!

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