Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of the Year

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of the Year

While engagement-ring trends don’t move as fast as popular runway styles, they evolve. Knowing what options are in style right now can help you find a ring that both she and you will love forever.

This year, we’re seeing a return to tradition, with designs that nod to art-deco and emulate historical icons like Princess Diana. New options also take a more maximalist approach with stunning chunkier settings.

The Maia

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Designed to showcase the beauty of round diamonds, the Maia’s dazzling accented band and unique halo setting bring it all together. This beautiful ring design is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ to your loved one.

A classic, timeless choice, the four-claw solitaire engagement ring (or four-prong) is the bedrock of single-stone styles. Its minimal amount of metal covering the facets of your center diamond allows maximum light in for a stunning sparkle.

The six claw settings can also be crafted with a radial pattern or a floral motif – creating a more customizable design that symbolizes your relationship. Usually kept low-key, the band can be personalized with engraved detailing, twists, milgrain, or filigree to create something extraordinary.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds, which have a more elongated shape that adds grace to the wearer’s hand and has the potential to make their fingers look longer when worn lengthwise, are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings. Oval-cut diamonds are a sophisticated alternative to the classic round-brilliant cut and offer a more significant visual size that shows off the stone’s color, clarity, and fire.

For brides who want to embrace this trend love pairing an oval-cut engagement ring with an ultra-luxe lunette wedding band for a match made in heaven. Or, choose a bolder option like the opal-encrusted gold ring that combines two distinct styles into one statement stunner.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Vintage styles, from milgrain detailing to intricate filigree patterns and floral motifs, give old-world bling a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. “These details offer a romantic charm that speaks to the wearer’s heart.

Halo settings are having a moment, too. Instead of a traditional circle, we see ring designs with extra rings or rows of pave diamonds, like the shield-shaped halo that makes the center stone appear more prominent.

And for those who want to evoke a more timeless feel, opt for a vintage-inspired ring with a sapphire and diamond cluster. The lustrous round diamonds and vintage-inspired milgrain design conjure the Belle Epoque, making it a perfect fit for any true romantic.

Chunky Settings

While dainty rings have their place, chunkier options are making a big impression. One of the most popular designs is an east-west setting—an asymmetrical arrangement popularized by celebs that offers optimal diamond finger coverage and is perfect for those looking for a modern take on a traditional style.

Other weighty engagement ring styles include knuckle rings and bubble settings, which feature a slightly thicker band than more delicate styles.

As for wedding ring stacks, open designs that sit flush with any ring are a modern way to show off your style—and they’re also more durable than thin bands.

Colored Stones

Diamonds reign as a b-loved’s best friend, but some proposers turn to other gemstones for more unique and personalized styles. Whether she loves bold hues like those found in citrine and alexandrite or earthy tones like green amethyst, the options are endless.

Morganite rings, a blush pink cousin of the famed diamond, have grown in popularity as they tend to be more affordable and flatter most skin tones. Other stones, such as emeralds, sapphires, and tanzanite, also make for an ideal engagement ring, symbolizing loyalty, faithfulness, and sincerity.

Stacking and band sets are also gaining popularity, especially with women who want to show off their style with a ring that reflects their tastes. Consider a striking signet style with luxe diamond-encrusted details or a modern art-deco piece with a contemporary baguette halo.

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