Basics of Teen Patti: How does the game work?

If you’ve played card games like Poker, Razz or 5 Card-Draw, you know how addictive and fun they can be! If you think these are quite fun, have you heard of the game called Teen Patti? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on a lot of fun!

Teen Patti is, undoubtedly, one of the most favorite Indian card games. This is a rather simple form of the poker game, quite popular in south Asia and was originated in India. It has grown from a pass time game, boys used to play in their dormitories, to a worldwide gambling profession. This highly popular game, also known as “Flash” or “Flush” in some areas, is played within small gathering and parties to grand Casinos and online platforms for huge sums of money.

As the name suggests, Teen Patti (Three Cards), there are 3 cards that each player holds. While Teen Patti is a casual game, betting on it makes it gambling, which is illegal in India, though it is not mentioned anywhere that online gambling is illegal in the country.

How to play the game: The Basics

Before you learn the instructions of the game, you need to understand how the rankings of various decks work.

The rankings are from highest to the lowest.

  1. The highest-ranking deck is a Trail or a Set.

This happens when three cards of same rank are in a deck.

Example- Triple A’s.

  1. After a trial, comes Pure Sequence or also known as Straight Flush.

If the deck contains a sequence with the same colors, it is called a Pure Sequence.

Example- A deck of an Ace, A King and A Queen and all of them are diamonds.

  1. Third in the power listing is Sequence or Streak.

Just like a pure sequence, there should be a sequence between the cards, but the colors can be different.

Example- A deck of an Ace, a King and a Queen with different colors.

  1. Then comes the category, Color. This ranks fourth in the strength of the combinations.

It doesn’t matter which cards you hold; they must have the same color.

Example- A deck of an Ace, a Two and a Jack all belonging to the diamonds color.

  1. Next is Pair. This is right below in strength to thee Color deck.

Out of the three cards in your deck, the number in any two cards must be the same.

Example- A deck consisting of two Aces, and a King is considered as a Color deck.

  1. The last kind of deck is High Card or Simple Top Card. This is the weakest of all the decks above.

If the cards in the deck have none of the above possibilities, the highest card in your deck will be played in the game.

Playing the game

Each of the players contributes the boot amount and gets three cards facedown. The player has an option to play without seeing the cards, that is called the Blind play. The player who places his bet after seeing the card is called a Seen player and one who doesn’t is called Blind Player.

A Seen player must bet the double amount than a Blind player.

The outcome of the game is usually decided by 2 possibilities.
If all the players pack\fold their cards and only one remains, he wins.
If all the players fold except for 2 players, and one of the remaining 2 calls Show, the one having the better deck wins. While the rules are sufficient to play, they are not enough to win.
Teen Patti has many strategies, which have to be mastered if you are playing against someone in the top tiers and want to win, or even make lots of money.

Now that you have learnt the basics of the game, go and sharpen your deception skills and win against your friends, but, if you think you are already a pro at Teen Patti, you might as well try your skills in a real time online match to earn money.

Did you know, you can play your favorite game Teen Patti online. There are many safe online casinos that provide the feature, Real Money Teen Patti, which allow you to play Teen Patti online in real time and win real money.

Having said so, the word Teen in Teen Patti is sometimes referred to the popularity of the game among the youngsters, especially college students. While this allows you to win money, you should have money to play and begin earning.

With all that being said Teen Patti while being a highly fun game, doesn’t have much complex rules as you saw above. Though, it requires strategizing and experience to win and earn money. The earlier you begin practicing, the more your chances to win.

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