Things to Consider While Consulting an Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor

Functional medicine is being known today as a holistic approach to healing. It covers almost all aspects of an individual, from physical, psychological, and social well-being. It is very effective for patients having chronic diseases. Unlike conventional medicine, the patient will be involved in the process of healing as the approach is patient-centered. It means the doctor is concerned more about the habits, mindfulness, and regular food intake routine of the patient. Hence, more people today are looking to consult with the best integrative functional medicine doctor in the place. 

What is an Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor?

An integrative functional medicine doctor has specialization and training in integrating techniques that find the root cause of the disease or illness. They explore multiple factors that affect the condition of the patient, rather than focusing on one exhibited symptom. These doctors always consider the full picture of the patient before recommending several laboratory testing and medical prescriptions. They diagnose patients from their physical, mental, and social health conditions. 

Key Characteristics of an Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor 

  • Specializing in complex chronic conditions
  • Recommends plant-based organic diet
  • Outline expectations along the medication process
  • Helps the patient in making decisions regarding laboratory testing
  • Always does diagnosis based on evidence.

How to find the right Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor?

Finding the best integrative functional medicine doctor to help you find remedies for chronic diseases and recommend a better health diet plan will take research and recommendations that can be done with a little effort from the patient. The patient must also be open to alternative medicine in the first place before consulting a doctor practicing integrative functional medicine. Once all are set, the patient will embrace the functional medicine plan smoothly.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Research the available functional medicine center in your area. It is better if the center for functional medicine has a website so you can read their specialties, schedule, and consultation fee. At the same time, reviews of previous clients are also included in most of the websites. So, check it out as well.
  • Identify the condition of the patient. Be specific and take note of the current symptoms occurring and their frequency. When searching for a functional medicine doctor, the patient needs to be clear on what particular expertise of a doctor is needed. 
  • Consider also the functional medicine doctor’s experience in the field of practicing functional medicine, especially if the patient has a complex disease. It is better to refer this condition to a functional medicine doctor that has more experience. However, be ready for the cost of their service. Expect a higher cost in terms of experience, expertise, and credentials. 
  •  Make an appointment to the center/clinic/hospital where the suited functional medicine doctor for the patient is. The patient must be honest and open to communication with the doctor. To get a successful functional medicine treatment, active cooperation between the doctor and the patient is a must.


Choosing the right integrative functional medicine doctor may be daunting if it’s the first time for the patient. Therefore, never hesitate to ask for recommendations from friends or relatives who have an idea about functional medicine.

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