Health is a generic term that includes various aspects of one’s wellbeing to be considered equally. Maintaining good health is very important for one’s peace of mind and wellbeing as it is a basic requirement for a human being to be working at their best potential to be able to grow and develop.

Physical health requires one’s physical body to be working efficiently and not cause any kind of pain or suffering that may hinder one’s day to day activities. Taking care of our health is the first step in recognizing the importance of self-care.

Even if something goes wrong, there are various ways to heal from many physical ailments by opting for ayurvedic techniques like using dhanwantharam thailam for massages or seeking guidance from an allopathic medical practitioner regarding any issues that one may be facing.


Our bones form the most basic skeletal structure for our bodies just like a frame. They are strong and rigid and their strength and flexibility vary for various body parts depending on their function and movement.

For example, the bones in our legs are stronger because they have to carry our entire body weight and the joints in our shoulders and arms allow more degrees of freedom for being able to move our hands freely.

The basic bone cell is not very different from the other cells apart from their main function to be able to absorb and maintain calcium in the bones. Calcium phosphate is the main compound that is synthesized in our bones for its strength and rigidity.

A very interesting fact about our bones and the absorption of calcium from the blood is that vitamin D is a necessary substance in presence of which calcium is absorbed from the blood by the bone cells.

So in order to maintain good bone health, one must make sure to have a healthy amount of vitamin D in their blood as well, in the absence of which, no matter the calcium percentage in the blood, it will not get absorbed into the bones.


Bone diseases can affect one’s health in various ways. This is because bones are a necessary part of our bodies that need to remain healthy and function well to aid our daily mobility and basic movements.

Taking care of the bones starts by avoiding the basic diseases that may affect one after a certain age or develop early in life.

  • ARTHRITIS: one of the most common joint diseases that affect most adults of 65 years or above. This causes joint pain and stiffness, making the person experience less freedom of movement. It may also develop at a young age depending upon the genes.

There are various different types of arthritis that can develop due to numerous reasons like one’s immune system attacking its own cells. Arthritis is a painful condition that may require constant medical attention if the symptoms are severe.

To get more relief, one may use dhanwantharam thailam oil for massage which is an ayurvedic oil known to relieve joint pain, or opt for physiotherapy and practice it regularly for visible effects.

  • OSTEOPOROSIS: another disease that affects millions of people around the world, osteoporosis makes ones’ bones porous and their density decreases. Porous bones mean that bones become weak and in the most severe cases, a person may get a fracture or even break a bone by simple jerks like sneezing.

Even astronauts suffer from osteoporosis when they are up in space as, without gravity, bones lose their strength and start dissolving into the blood. To avoid this, astronauts need to exercise regularly in order to maintain their bone density and keep them from losing the calcium in the blood.

Osteoporosis can sometimes develop as a person ages as after the age of 25, adults lose a certain percentage of their bone density every few years.

  • RICKETS: unlike most other bone diseases that either affects adults or people of old age, rickets is a bone ailment found in children. This makes them have soft bones and the rigidity of the bones is very less.

This may even lead to children developing skeletal deformities over time. The main cause of rickets is the deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Without enough vitamin D, the bones stop absorbing calcium and its strength decreases over time.

One of the only natural sources of vitamin D is sunlight and apart from that, one needs to depend upon the external artificially synthesized supplements to fulfill their requirement.