Some Smart Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Some Smart Gadgets :- Technology is a fast-changing concept and every day new gadgets are being invented. More and more incredible devices are being made which make our life easy and save us a lot of time and hassle.

Here is the list of some Smart Gadgets that you probably didn’t know ever existed.

sonogram belt for pregnant women

1. A sonogram belt for pregnant women

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Sonography or medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound. It is used to see internal body organs, tendons, muscles and blood vessels.
This technique is used by the company PreVue in their sonogram belt. It has a flexible screen which can be attached to the baby bump with the help of a soft bandage.
The screen projects the image of the baby inside the womb. Would-be parents can see their babies grow, sleep, move and respond to various sounds even before their birth.

projecting bracelet
2. A projecting bracelet

The company Secret has come up with a waterproof bracelet which can project your tablet or smartphone directly onto your arm.
The presence of a mini-projector and sensors accomplishes the task. With the help of this smart gadget you can scroll and perform all functions on your skin.
It comes in two memories of 16GB and 32GB and in 10 different colors.

blonde wand
3. The blonde wand

The company Pravana has come up with a unique thermal lightening tool which when used in combination with the Pure Light Crème Lightener can give a person tempting blonde hair.
With this wonderful blonde wand, it takes more than a couple of hours, which is faster and safer than traditional dyes available in the market.

Touch-hear tactile dictionary
4. Touch-hear tactile dictionary

This smart gadget solves the problem of not understanding difficult words and not being able to pronounce some strong French expressions.
The gadget invented by the scientists at the National University of Singapore consists of two parts− a small sensor attached to the finger pad and a speaker attached to the speaker.
The small sensor on the finger contains a scanner. As soon as a word in the textbook is touched with the sensor, the meaning is immediately heard through the speaker.
Moreover, the speaker does not disturb other people. It can only be heard by the person wearing the speaker.

brain activity stimulator
5. A brain activity stimulator

This smart gadget is invented by the bioelectronics company Thync who are focussed on developing pioneering treatments for mental health and autoimmune disorders.
This device uses electrical impulses and can be used to relieve stress and relax after a stressful day. The device contains various modes like ‘Deep Sleep’, ‘Motivation’, ‘Deep Relax’ and even ‘Bliss’.

extractor pump kit
6. An extractor pump kit

This Some Smart Gadgets is a reusable vacuum pump which can be used to pump out poison from below the skin in one quick motion and decrease the possibility of serious poisoning.
The kit contains an extractor pump, alcohol prep pads, adhesive bandages, sting care wipes, razor (for hair removal) and instruction manual.
It contains four sizes of plastic cups for the variety of size of a sting. This gadget is very useful for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites and more.

Light therapy mask
7. Light therapy mask

This Some Smart Gadgets is invented by the Consult company Neutrogena. This gadget spares the need for applying direct masks onto the face.
The mask has LED light fitted inside it. The blue lights are there to fight against the bacteria and the red is to reduce the inflammation.
It is recommended to put on the light therapy mask for at least 10 minutes every day of a month.

Stop insomnia mask
8. Stop insomnia mask

People experience sleep issues due to overactive mind at bedtime. Due to over activeness the brain generates faster beta waves, but in order to sleep the brain needs to slow and calm down.
The Glo to Sleep insomnia mask is specially designed to relax the mind naturally and efficiently. There are LED lights that glow and resemble sunset rays when going to sleep and a soft blue glow when waking up.

Calling tile
9. Calling tile

This Some Smart Gadgets solves the problem of losing car or apartment keys. A special tile is invented which can be called from the smartphone and when it rings you can find the lot object.
All you need to do is to attach the tile to the car keys or apartment keys, or dog’s collar or backpack or even a TV remote.

10. Smart bra to diagnose breast cancer

EVA was invented by Julian Rios Cantu, a Mexican man who was inspired by his mother who almost died due to incorrect diagnosis.
EVA is a smart bra which is equipped with sensors which are used to monitor the temperature and weight of the breasts.
If there is a change in perimeter it would indicate a flow of extra amount of blood to nourish something else− possibly a form of cancer.
The accumulated data is then transferred to a special app and later can be downloaded to a smartphone or PC and can be used for diagnosis.

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